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Tanner Barely Survives with HPAN’s $GRAND$ Assistance

Tanner was laying on the highway after being run over by a car. Lucky for him, a volunteer with Best Friends Sanctuary in Jamestown saw him. Thinking he was dead, she stopped to move him further to the side of the road, and he turned his head toward her. She immediately loaded him up and sought vet care. He needed so much work, but he was worth it, so onward with plans to fix him. After an extensive leg repair, wound care, and a myriad of other services, Tanner has a bill of $3,951. We paid $1,000 on the bill and hope others will chip in as they can. Tanner’s bill is at Ragland and Riley Animal Hospital under patient #102796. Payments can be called in to 931-498-3153. We wish Tanner and Best Friends Sanctuary the absolute best in this situation!

HPAN Helps MoCo Mutts with Tanner’s Bill

Tanner came into rescue as a stray unable to use his leg. MoCo Mutts asked us to sponsor his vet bill of $221.50, which covered x-rays, sedation, and medication.