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HPAN Sponsors more Shelter Cats for $563.30

The Roane County Animal Shelter recently reached capacity, especially on the cat side. The Humane Society of Roane County stepped in to pull as many as they could, knowing we’d be there to help them. We sponsored basic vetting and needed medication for Tank, Steve, Penelope, Asriel, Parker, and Dana. These six get to live because we came together to help.

HPAN Sponsors Tank with an Additional $131

Tank, a kitty from the Campbell County Animal Shelter, finds her way to our blog again. We initially sponsored her and her brother when they had pneumonia. Tank was returned to the shelter as soon as she was well, but then she developed an abscess while on the adoption floor. She was hospitalized for approximately two weeks, where her doctor treated her abscess and did laser surgery to repair the wound. Tank is back in foster care until she completely recovers. We’d say Tank has used two of her nine lives!

HPAN Helps Save the Lives of Tom and Tank with $338

Tom and Tank were part of a stray litter taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter. The kittens were in respiratory distress and some of them didn’t make it. Tom and Tank were two of the lucky ones, but they needed extensive medical care. We paid $338 on their emergency diagnostics, medication, etc. They are resting in foster care and will be available for adoption when they are fully recovered.

HPAN Assists Big Dog Haven, Inc.

Tank (pictured) was dumped on a Morgan County highway in December. He was cold and hungry, foraging for food. Enter Big Dog Haven, who pulled him into rescue. He immediately went into isolation and underwent temperament testing. We provided funding for Tank’s vaccines and neuter. He is now ready for adoption. The rescue also needed help with kennel supplies, costing $10 per day, such as cedar shavings, etc. We called in a credit to Miller’s Feed so they could get what they needed. Pictured is a snippet from their Facebook page, showing the cedar shavings our donation purchased.





HPAN Contributes $100 to Tank’s Diagnostic Tests

Tiny Tank is a Blount County Animal Center dog. He was “taken in” by Homeward Bound Dog Rescue, but he has special needs. Due to a defect in his spine, he must wear diapers. The shelter vet thought diagnostic testing would be needed to determine Tank’s problem and how to maximize his long-term survival, so we contributed half of the needed amount. He is currently happy in foster care while he awaits a special needs rescue.