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HPAN Sponsors 13 Pups for Pet Path for $769.50

Riley, Sparky, Jasper, and Callie are all pups that Chica delivered while at Pet Path.  They acquired Chica from her owner who was selling her on social media because she was pregnant.  Pet Path wanted to save her from becoming a breeding machine as well as making sure her babies would not be able to reproduce.  We sponsored Chica’s heartworm test, spay, vaccines, and microchip, as well as final vaccines, spay/neuter, and microchips for her babies.  Pippa and Paisley are siblings that came from the Cleveland, TN shelter and were at risk of euthanasia.  We sponsored their heartworm tests and health certificates to get them ready for transport. We also sponsored Ally’s health certificate. Storm, Meeko, Odd Ball, Bell, and Marshall are siblings that were all found by a good Samaritan on the side of the road.  He was nice enough to get them to his home and another fellow rescuer administered their first round of vaccines.  Pet Path later took them in.  We sponsored their final round of vaccines, spay/neuter, and microchip.



HPAN Pays almost $600 on Oak Ridge Animal Shelter Dogs

Baby is an 11 month old “apartment sized” pit bull, who was brought to the shelter with her sister, Maggie.  She came in with a very large cherry eye that needed to be addressed immediately.  We paid $300 on her surgery bill. Another darling pup was brought in reportedly hit by a car.  He could not walk on his hind leg.  We paid $286.94 on his vet bill.