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HPAN Helps Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee

The Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee (SMART) focuses on senior and special-needs animals – those who are less desirable to most. A majority of their animals come from local shelters, and they are given a forever home at SMART’s sanctuary.  They shelter and care for approximately 30 animals on any given day. Eleven of their animals are due for annual exams and vaccines, which will run this non-profit rescue around $1,100. HPAN agreed to send $550 to help with this expense so they can continue to provide such great rescue to their dogs and cats.


HPAN Makes a Smart Donation to SMART kitties

The Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee, a non-profit organization in Maryville, TN, called on us to help them spay/neuter some cats from the population explosion that spring often brings.  We were thrilled to offer help.  Our $150 donation will alter and vaccinate four cats, which will prevent many unwanted litters.

kittens spring 2014

A SMART Donation

When HPAN got word that the Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee (SMART) had a rescue dog needing assistance, we stepped in to help.  Madison was sick and needed vet care, which may have included surgery.  Either way, her estimated vet bill was in the hundreds, so we decided to contribute $150 toward the goal of making her well again.  This was in late April, and we have since heard that she is doing great and on the road to recovery!