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Simba Gets New Life with Help of $500

Six-year old Simba was neglected and kept on a chain until his owners finally thought better of him and let the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center take ownership. His teeth were worn to nubs from chewing on the chain, and he needed a myriad of vet services. HPAN kicked in $500 on Simba’s care. Now he has a chance of being adopted by someone who loves him and will make the second half of his life much better than the first half. To contribute to Simba’s vet balance, contact Bluegrass Animal Hospital at 865-694-8387.

HPAN Sponsors 11 Rescue Kitties with $692.82

Grimm, Spooky, Clarence, Simba, Carrot, Stormy, Sheba, Siri, Navara, Piper, and Freddie were taken in as strays by Almost Home Animal Rescue. They have now been examined and tested, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, etc. and are ready for their new homes. We were happy to sponsor the cost of these vet services.

HPAN Sponsors 9 Kitties for $976

Walter was left at a vet’s office to be put down for having FIV. Lilly and Lucas were born to a stray mom who gave birth to them in a well house. Forest was dumped at a fast food restaurant and living in a field near a busy road. Bruce and Stella were left in a closet with no food, water, or litter and were very sick when finally found. Splash, Simba, and Cookie were born to a stray taken into safety. All these were rescued by Almost Home Animal Rescue, and we had the honor of sponsoring their vet needs. Happy lives, little ones!

HPAN Helps Litter of Six with $420

Simba, Sara, Nala, Gypsy, Ben, and Sheba were surrendered to an animal shelter by their owner. A Chance for Champ was called with a request to pull them, and then we were contacted for sponsorship. With our $420, these babies got their vaccines, microchips, and spay/neuter surgeries. They will be ready for adoption soon!