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HPAN Sponsors 4 SDL Dogs

Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue (SDL) took in Sophie, Mya, Oliver, and Olivia after it had been confirmed that they were abandoned in Morgan County. Their owner had the gall to move and leave all of them, plus puppies belonging to one of them. Unsurprisingly, some of the dogs had parasitic disease. We sponsored antibiotics and vaccines for these beautiful animals.

$134 for SDL Cats

It is unfortunately kitten season, and rescue groups are being flooded with litters upon litters. Senior Dog Lodge and Animal Rescue is no exception, although they mostly take in dogs. Out of the goodness of their hearts, they pulled in a couple of mama cats with their kittens. We were able to sponsor needed antibiotics, exams, and eye ointment for two sickly adult cats. Once they are well, they will be spayed.

HPAN Sponsors Desi with $265.75

Desi was found in the woods of Morgan County. Lucky for her, Senior Dog Lodge and Animal Rescue offered to take her into their program. We sponsored her exam, vaccines, testing, deworming, spay surgery, and one month of prevention. There are brighter days ahead for Miss Desi!

SDL Capital Improvement Progress Update

One of our 2019 capital improvement grant awards went to Senior Dog Lodge and Animal Rescue. They were in desperate need for an outside water source, and if it could include hot water, then that would really help! They also needed funds for a bank of dog kennels for small dogs. We received a progress update from them showing part one of their improvement project completed! Let the warm water flow! More to come on the small dog kennels.