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HPAN Sponsors 7 Pet Path Dogs for $532.60

Life got better for Indie, Keeley, Paisley, Pepper, Pippa, Scout, and Trixie when Pet Path stepped in. Keeley was on a shelter euthanasia list with a bad case of heartworms. Indie, Scout, Pepper, and Trixie were surrendered unvetted. Paisley and Pippa were on death row at a Tennessee shelter. HPAN covered all the needed vetting at a low-cost clinic for these babies.


HPAN Helps Scout with $263

Scout had been living alone and without a family on a rural water tower road in Morgan County for over a year. A volunteer with Roane County Paws hadn’t been able to get within six feet of him, but she had been feeding him twice per day for months. Two weeks ago, on a very cold night, he showed up at her back door, which is two miles away from his feeding location. Scout followed her scent and knew where he might find the beginning of a better life. He allowed her to bring him inside, and he is learning to be a part of a family. We sponsored Scout’s neuter, vaccines, and other basic vet needs this week, and he will be available for adoption soon.