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HPAN Helps the Friends of Campbell County Animals with $146.58

Sassy was taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter after being hit by a car on the interstate. She was taken to Jacksboro Veterinary Services for evaluation of her injuries. She had x-rays after sedation and pain meds. She had multiple broken bones and was in critical condition. She was brought back to the shelter where she received antibiotics and pain meds. Unfortunately, Sassy never never recovered, but she was loved on and cherished by shelter staff. She knew love and didn’t pass alone. Roaming dogs are like roaming toddlers. They don’t know to stay away from cars. It is our responsibility as their custodians to keep them safe from harm!

HPAN Sponsors Puppies with $230

Sassy, Sweetie, and Buddy were owner surrenders from a family in East Tennessee to A Chance for Champ rescue. They needed vaccines and spay/neuter, which we sponsored. All puppies will be adopted into loving homes very soon.

HPAN Sponsors Sassy and Maybelle for $500

Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue took in two strays and put them on the good life path. Sassy broke with Parvo and needed vet care, for which we sponsored at $200, and Maybelle tested positive for heartworms. We kicked in $300 on her treatment.

HPAN Sponsors Sassy with $200

Sassy was surrendered to the shelter with her mate Buddy. She has had, at the very least, one litter of puppies in her past (most likely she’s had multiple litters). She now has mammary tumors that will need to be removed as well as dental disease. RescuesForJoJo requested $200 to help with the cost of removing and testing the mammary tumors and her dental cleaning. We were so glad to help this sweet girl!

HPAN Pays $115.50 for Sassy’s Care

Sassy was abandoned by her owners in a mobile home in Blount County with nothing more than a small bag of dog food dumped on the floor. The Animal Wellness Foundation received permission from the owners to remove her from the mobile home. The rescuer immediately bathed, vaccinated, and dewormed Sassy. She was then taken to the vet for an exam, nail trim, heartworm test, additional vaccines, and skin scrapes. Sassy is a sweet girl who does not deserve the hand she has been dealt by her previous owners, and we are thankful to play a role in her recovery and road to happiness.