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HPAN Sponsors Caleb and Ryder

Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue pulled Caleb from DeKalb County Georgia shelter. He had a melon sized tumor, which was removed. Caleb also has mast cell cancer, but he is in remission!! Fighting for the Bullys requested assistance with Caleb’s patella surgery.

Fighting for the Bullys also pulled Ryder out of the Clayton County Georgia shelter. During his vet visit, Ryder was found to have a decaying canine tooth. He also needed neutering. We helped cover Ryder’s neuter and tooth extraction.

In all, HPAN paid $557.85 to help these handsome boys!

Caleb Ryder

HPAN Helps Ozzie Escape Death

The Animal Wellness Foundation got a call from a local shelter saying they had a Blue Heeler mix apparently hit by a car with non-life-threatening injuries, yet he would have been slated for euthanasia because he needed x-rays, etc. – things the shelter was not equipped for. We received a plea from the rescue for help, and upon approval, Ozzie was on his way to the vet for an evaluation, heartworm test, vaccines, and neuter. The good news is that the hit caused a broken leg with no internal injuries; the bad news is that he’s heartworm-positive. While undergoing treatment, Ozzie, now named Ryder, is in foster care before he will ship off to a Heeler rescue. We applied $300 toward the vet bill.