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HPAN Pays $107 for Suzy’s Vetting

Suzy and her three puppies were in need of rescue in Morgan County, where there is no shelter or animal control. Roane County Paws (RCP) graciously took her and the puppies. The pups soon found rescue with the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley where they received needed vetting. RCP asked us to sponsor Suzy’s initial vetting (vaccines, deworming, and parasite screening). She will be spayed soon and up for adoption.


HPAN Pays $170.79 Bill for Abused Dog’s Injuries

This sweet girl is Scarlet. After being found injured and abused, Roane County Paws pulled her into rescue and took her to Admiral Vet for treatment. Her injuries, they believe, are due to being dragged by a vehicle. Scarlet was put back together and is at the vet for a two-week recovery period. At that point, they will determine if her leg can be saved. We spared you the graphic photos.

HPAN Contributes $300 to Make Sophie Well Again

This is Sophie! Roane County Paws took her into rescue in October 2016. Sophie was tested heartworm positive, malnourished, suffered with mange, was anemic, and flea and tick ridden. She was not expected to make it, but with much love and amazing care from her foster and Admiral Vet, she has come a long way since the first picture in October and today. Now that she is better, the rescue reached out to us with help on her heartworm treatment.

HPAN Sponsors Gunner’s Heartworm Treatments for $300

Gunner was found wandering the streets of Morgan County, like so many other dogs, and Roane County Paws took him in as they continued to look for his owner. The owner was found, but sadly did not want him back. Upon his veterinary exam, Gunner was found to be heartworm positive. We paid $300 on the cost of treatment.


HPAN Helps Little Luxie with $300 for Vetting Needs

Luxie was an owner surrender that needed a spay and dental. She was severely malnourished and neglected when Roane County Paws (RCP) pulled her to rescue. She’s an older girl with mammary gland tumors, and the spay was needed to reduce hormone production to shrink them, which will make removal easier later and reduce the risk of becoming ulcerative. RCP thought she may not make it, but she has improved tremendously in foster care. The vet definitely thought with these procedures and more TLC, she will have many years left.


HPAN Helps Muffin with $300

Muffin is an owner-surrender from a very neglectful home. She was rescued by Roane County Paws. Due to a previous blow to the head and subsequent blindness, Muffin needed to have her eye removed. While they were at it, she was spayed and got her vaccines. We paid the vet directly. Muffin is settling into her new and more peaceful life and is available for adoption.


HPAN Helps Phoenix “Rise from the Ashes” to a Better Life

Phoenix is a one year old female dog found roaming the Swan Pond Road area of Harriman. A poor but caring family fed her and reached out to Roane County Paws who took Phoenix in and had her vaccinated at Admiral Veterinary Hospital on July 9 prior to placing her in a foster home. She also received a flea preventative, a fecal, a heart worm test (negative!), and Strongid. She was diagnosed with an infection of her uterus, Pyometra, which is a uterine infection requiring a more intensive spay surgery. We contributed $300 to the bill of just over $400. This girl is the perfect example of “saved in the nick of time!”


HPAN Pays $181 for Dog’s Severe Skin Condition

This is a story that shows it sometimes takes a village to save an animal. Phoebe was taken to the Roane shelter with what looked like chemical burns from her head to her toes. Her skin was black and crusted. Roane County Paws pulled her and asked for help from “the village.” Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter heard about Phoebe and reached out to the Special Needs Rescue of East Tennessee who agreed to take her. Phoebe has been diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection. HPAN agreed to pay half her bill, and the rescues will cover the rest. Phoebe will soon be the beautiful girl she is supposed to be.



HPAN Sponsors Roane County Paws Dogs with $400

Lexi and Nika were pulled from a home where they were not treated well. They immediately went to foster care where they were given the love they deserve. Neither had ever seen a vet, so Roane County Paws, the sponsoring rescue, felt it necessary to give them a “once over” complete with all needed services. We were glad to pay for it, so these girls can be on their way to a better life.


HPAN Sponsors Dog’s C-section with a $300 Donation

This beautiful Chocolate Lab was found as a stray in Roane County and was very pregnant. A non-profit rescue, Roane County Paws, took her in and placed her with a foster family. They named her Baby Girl. While the initial goal was to transport Baby Girl to a northern rescue, she was too far along in her pregnancy. A vet check confirmed the first pup to arrive was in a breech position, so a C-section was ordered. We paid $300 to the veterinary clinic for the surgery. Mom and all 10 puppies are doing well and will be available for adoption soon.