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HPAN Tries Helping Kenny with $300

Kenny was surrendered to the Roane County Animal Shelter. He had a prolapsed rectum and needed surgery to survive any longer. He was taken to the vet immediately under the Humane Society of Roane County. So many people and groups tried to help Kenny, but unfortunately, the surgery wasn’t successful and Kenny didn’t make it. We contributed $300 to the fee in order to give him a fighting chance.

HPAN Sponsors Miracle’s Medical Needs for $224

Little Miracle was eaten up with mange when the Roane County Animal Shelter contacted Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue for help. She was immediately taken to the vet and treatment began. Treating mange is a long process, but Miracle is fighting alongside her medicine. We paid her $224 bill.

HPAN Sponsors Tests/Vaccines for $500

The Roane County Animal Shelter reached out to us asking for help on purchasing vaccines and combo tests for their animals. They have very little money in their annual vaccine fund and explained that rescue groups are requiring cats be tested for viruses before they are rescued. We gladly helped them with this worthy investment.

HPAN Helps Halos with $300 for Bongo’s care

Bongo was hit by a car and taken to the Roane County Animal Shelter. He had internal injuries and broken bones, yet he survived and is healing after surgery. We were honored to play a role in Bongo’s survival.

HPAN Helps Monty Get Well with $89

Monty is a senior dog pulled from the Roane County Animal Shelter by Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue. He had a severe infection that had his right eye matted shut, as well as a yeast infection on his skin. We paid for his veterinary exam, antibiotic ointment for his eye, oral antibiotics for his skin, as well as his rabies vaccine, and heartworm test. Monty will now know the good life!

HPAN Sponsors 50 Vaccines for Local Shelter

The Roane County Animal Shelter currently does not have enough money in their budget to cover vaccines needed for the number of animals coming in. They specifically need canine 5 in 1 vaccines and asked for our help. We sent $260 for the purchase of 50 vaccines.

HPAN Sponsors 50 Vaccines for Local Shelter

The Roane County Animal Shelter asked if we could sponsor some vaccines for their intake dogs. We sent in $260, which will buy 50 five-in-one canine vaccines.

HPAN Helps Biscuit with $300

Biscuit was brought to the Roane County Animal Shelter and was adopted within the hour. As her new owners were taking her out of the building, Biscuit got away from them and ran straight for the highway and got hit by a car. She sustained a broken leg and some head injuries. Shelter staff rushed her to the vet where she received an exam, x-rays, fluids, and pain medicine. We paid $300 toward the hospitalization bill. Biscuit’s adoption was redacted, and she was pulled into rescue that day by Homeward Bound Dog Rescue.

HPAN Sponsors Snow Bell with $300

Snow Bell was either mauled or caught in a trap; her back leg was mangled and severely injured before she was taken to the Roane County Animal Shelter. Shelter staff called on The Stray Connection, who immediately stepped up and had Snow Bell rushed to the vet. Unfortunately, her leg had to be amputated, but she’s already doing so much better. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because she also had a raging infection in her uterus that is being treated. It may have ultimately killed her. We paid $300 on her bill. Snow Bell will be available for adoption through The Stray Connection as soon as she has fully recovered.

HPAN Helps Candy with $300

The Loudon County Friends of Animals helps cats in more counties than just Loudon. They recently got an urgent call for help about a cat at the Roane County Animal Shelter. Candy had been surrendered by her owner with an ulcerated tail oozing with infection. They immediately pulled her and rushed her to the vet where she is receiving hydrotherapy and medication. We contributed $300 to her bill. Candy will soon be on her way to a sweeter life.