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HPAN Sponsors Anna with $300

Anna is a one year old Husky who was brutally attacked by another dog in her household. Her owners were going to surrender her to Animal Control so RescuesForJoJo stepped in. She had a surgery to remove one of her ears and address her wounds. Anna has puncture wounds covering most of her body. She was moved from ICU and is doing a little better. She’s likely going to require one more surgery to amputate a toe from her rear paw and suture a wound on her chest. Anna’s prognosis is good, and she’s receiving the best possible care at UT vet hospital.

HPAN Chips in $300 on Fiona

Fiona was found wandering the streets in North Knoxville and had not been well cared for. She was emaciated, covered in tumors, and inflicted with mange and skin infection. It was obvious she’d had multiple litters of puppies in her life. RescuesForJoJo took her in, treated her skin and ear infections, had the tumors removed, and improved her overall health, yet Fiona has degeneration of both hips due to malnutrition and neglect over the course of her life. The rescue group asked us to chip in on the cost of her needed hip surgery, which was over $1,000.


HPAN Sponsors Sassy with $200

Sassy was surrendered to the shelter with her mate Buddy. She has had, at the very least, one litter of puppies in her past (most likely she’s had multiple litters). She now has mammary tumors that will need to be removed as well as dental disease. RescuesForJoJo requested $200 to help with the cost of removing and testing the mammary tumors and her dental cleaning. We were so glad to help this sweet girl!

HPAN Sponsors Dog that Hugs with $300

Betty was surrendered to RescuesForJoJo with her brother Buster. They were living in a small dirt lot that had never been cleaned. Their only shelter was a stack of blocks with a board on top. When they took her in, she would just cling to their legs, like she was hugging them, grateful for human interaction. Unfortunately, Betty tested positive for heartworms when she saw the vet (Buster did not). We sponsored her treatments so she can begin living the GOOD life for a change!

HPAN Gives $200 for Josephine Baker’s HW Treatments

One of our newest sponsored non-profits, RescuesForJoJo, reached out to us for assistance with a dog they recently rescued. Josephine Baker, an adult Rottweiler pulled from a Tennessee shelter, is heartworm positive and needs to go through treatment. We are glad to help Josephine!