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HPAN Sponsors Phoebe with $500 in an Effort to Save Her Life

Phoebe is currently under medical care at UT College of Veterinary Medical Center for a septic abdomen and all sorts of other issues, including low kidney function, anemia, and low blood pressure. She was an owner surrender to Slumdog Rescue Crew after having a stillborn puppy. Her chances of surviving are 50/50, but we wanted to help them give her that chance.

HPAN Helps 7 Rescued Pups with $515

Pet Path Rescue is doing tremendous work. We recently sponsored full vet services for Gunner, Annie, Phoebe, Ally, Gizzmo, Cody, and Macie, all of whom were rescued from shelters or were owner surrenders.

HPAN Helps Phoebe in Her Golden Years with $195

Phoebe came to Slumdog Rescue Crew from Cleveland Animal Control and was surrendered with five other dogs. She is 9 years old, has heartworms, can’t do stairs (arthritis), and doesn’t look like she’s lived the best life. We are doing our part to ensure she has a better life by sponsoring her heartworm treatments.


HPAN Pays $181 for Dog’s Severe Skin Condition

This is a story that shows it sometimes takes a village to save an animal. Phoebe was taken to the Roane shelter with what looked like chemical burns from her head to her toes. Her skin was black and crusted. Roane County Paws pulled her and asked for help from “the village.” Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter heard about Phoebe and reached out to the Special Needs Rescue of East Tennessee who agreed to take her. Phoebe has been diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection. HPAN agreed to pay half her bill, and the rescues will cover the rest. Phoebe will soon be the beautiful girl she is supposed to be.



HPAN helps Phoebe and Squash

Phoebe and Squash have been at the Loudon County Animal Shelter for weeks, and their time is running out.  The Loudon County Friends of Animals is working furiously to find them good homes.  What will help make them more adoptable is if they have sponsorship for altering and vaccines, so HPAN stepped up to help.  We sent the rescue $172, which will cover the $86 cost per dog.  Anyone interested in adopting one of these beauties should contact LoudonCountyFOA@yahoo.com.



Phoebe playing dress-up!