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HPAN Sponsors Vetting of 20 Local Shelter Animals so They May Take Northbound Freedom Ride

Hansel, Gretel, and Oscar are the first three of 20 animals we are sponsoring prior to their transport to northern rescues. These three were vaccinated, tested, dewormed, chipped, and altered at a low-cost spay/neuter clinic. Partnering rescues are the Roane County Animal Shelter and the Animal Wellness Foundation. Without this required vetting, the animals would not have this chance. We will post others as they are vetted so you can see their beautiful faces.


Oscar and Lucky

Here is the story that sparked the idea of an official animal network.  On 3/10/12, we found out about Oscar and Lucky, the first true animals that Helping Paws Animal Network helped.  The times and emails are below to show that our first effort raised $186.14 in less than two hours!  We weren’t even an “official” network, just a group of people who love animals.  HPAN became an inevitability after Oscar and Lucky.

March 10, 2011:  The First NotificationOscar and Lucky

These dogs are living and eating in their own filth. They are going to the vet today for fecal testing to prepare for transport and will have to be put back in their filth until they are picked up next Friday unless Terry finds someone that can foster them for the week.


Foster Home Needed For One Week. They are being transported to Massachusettes on Friday March 18th. Once I get them cleaned up, vetted, and on worming meds. tomorrow, I cannot put them back into the filth that they came from. It is for no more than 1 week maximum. If you can do this please conatct me Terry at…
Oscar is a Golden Retriever mix and Lucky is a black longer-haired Lab mix. They are about 1 year and 40 lbs each. They are beautiful pups with good personalities, desperately need attention and exercise. They have been together since they were puppies and it would be a shame to separate them, but I am sure they can be if necessary. The main thing is to get them into a loving home that can give attention they need.


12:30pm  Amy Starkey got this notification from Melissa White on March 10. She forwarded it to Tim Ledford and Patti Mynatt to see if they could help.  We are all animal lovers.

12:56pm  Patti asked about boarding them until their transport.  Melissa said that Terry could not afford the cost.

1:01pm  Patti asked Tim and Amy if we could group together to help or raise the funds for her.

1:12pm  Tim offered to kick in money.

1:19pm  Amy kicks in $20.

1:21pm  Patti kicks in $20.

1:28pm Melissa advises that Oak Ridge vet has offered to board them two for one ($140).

1:29pm Amy advises that we have $80 raised so far between Amy, Tim, and Patti.

1:57pm Karin Jessen emails: “I just dropped off $46.00 to Lisa ($20.00 from me and $26.00 I collected from people in my building.”

2:41pm Patti via email: “You all are so wonderful. By the time I got back with my $20,  Lisa Kimball was holding $126 that you all dropped off for Melissa while I ran to the bank. . We have more than reached the goal (we have $146) and so amazingly quickly. Really it was about 1 ½ hours to help two dogs get out of hell. I really am sitting here trying now to cry.  I love this place. I love working here where the hearts are so big and loving and generous. I don’t know who gave how much other than Karen, her building and myself. Someone must have chipped in more anonymously.”

4:51pm Patti via email: “I just delivered $186 in donations to Melissa.  Thanks to everyone for pitching in – working together, we’re making a difference in two dogs’ lives. That makes my year.”

March 21st, 2011: Boarding for a week was successfully raised for Oscar and Lucky until their transport date.  They both successfully got on to the transport to Maine the evening of March 18th.  They have already been signed up for obedience training and have a large box of toys and treats awaiting them.  Oscar and Lucky are going to a home with two acres of fenced in property and an in-ground swimming pool just for them!