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HPAN Sponsors Litter of Bully Puppies

Fighting for the Bullys Rescue pulled a litter of puppies from the Newport Animal Shelter.  All of them needed treatment for demodex mange and ringworm. HPAN paid the vet fee of $416 to get these six beauties on the road to recovery!



Newport Animal Shelter Donation

From an HPAN member, July 2011: I went to the Newport Animal Shelter a few weeks ago to take supplies and monetary donations from Helping Paws for Chi37 dogs that had been rescued from a hoarder.

These dogs were mostly Chihuahua mixes. While I was there taking our supplies and donations, I was touched to see that there were others showing up about every ten minutes with more supplies – maybe a bag of dog food or just a bowl, but it was enough to help.

I met Shadow that day. Her puppies had just been rescued but she was left behind. She was not one of the 37 – just a beautiful black dog that was not wanted. The visit and the truth of the possible fate of many of these animals broke my heart.

I gained greater respect for the shelter workers. They go into work every day, knowing that some of the animals whom they have cared for and loved might not survive until the next day. I saw compassion and affection for each animal, so that the animals don’t spend their days (the last days for some of them) alone, without a friend. I saw workers give that kind of love to Shadow, even knowing that she might not be one of the lucky ones whose forever family takes them home.

It would have been easier to turn their heads away so they didn’t see the animals that might not make it. But that was not their response. As I observed and interacted with the animals and the staff, I realized that it’s easy to say – ‘You can’t save them all’ but that’s not the attitude I saw. I learned from them that even if you can’t save them all, you can help many.

That day in Newport, Helping Paws made a difference by helping at least 37 dogs, if not more. We can change the world, one (or 37) animal(s) at a time. We donated $162, dog food, bowls, water, medicine, blankets and old newspapers to be used as litter lining.