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MoCo Mutts Rescue Center Kitty Gets Help

Dogs aren’t their only game! MoCo Mutts took in this injured stray kitty, Betty. We had the opportunity to sponsor her medical exam, wound care, vaccines, and medication for $200. She is recovering at the rescue center.

HPAN Helps Three Dogs with $1500

Tootie, Hocus, and Hex, three senior dogs abandoned in Morgan County, were lucky enough to be rescued by MoCo Mutts. They had skin and eye issues, and they needed blood work, vaccines, and spay/neuter. We were able to sponsor all their needs so they can spend the rest of their days healthy and loved.

HPAN Helps Jack with $500

MoCo Mutts helps cats, too! Jack was an owner surrender after he sustained a broken leg. Unfortunately, he had to lose his leg to save his life. We were able to sponsor $500 of his surgery.

HPAN Sponsors Stray Chihuahua with $161+

This little nugget was found running in the middle of a busy road. She was infested with fleas. Her finder looked for her owner for days, contacted the local shelter, and notified local vets. No owner was found, so she landed in rescue with MoCo Mutts. They had her taken to the vet for the works. We sponsored her initial visit, which included exam, vaccines, parasite testing, and one dose of monthly prevention for $161, and we will be sponsoring her spay surgery next week. Then this little one will be all ready for adoption!

HPAN Helps Save Clay with $478

Clay was hit by a car and sustained injuries to his hip. Thankfully, his internal injuries were minor and will heal, but he required surgery for a major laceration. His rescuer, MoCo Mutts, asked us to sponsor his emergency treatment, which cost $478. Clay is on to the road of recovery.

HPAN Helps Ava Get Well with $240

Little Ava was part of a litter that contracted parvovirus. MoCo Mutts (aka Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue) offered to take the puppies from the owner and get them into treatment. Ava, the only survivor, was able to receive full treatment, and she is recovering. We paid her medical costs of $240.17. If the mother had been vaccinated and the puppies kept off the ground before having a chance to be vaccinated, this could have been prevented.