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HPAN Helps Minnie Live with $300 Sponsorship

Minnie was hit by a car and sustained a broken jaw and palate. Her owners took her to a local vet to be euthanized because they couldn’t afford the required surgical repair. The vet just couldn’t do it with Minnie standing there wagging her tail with blood pouring from her mouth. She asked the owners to surrender Minnie so that rescue could step in. At Risk Intervention (ARI) intervened!!! They took Minnie under their wing, set up an appointment with a surgical specialist, and got Minnie taken care of ASAP! ARI called on us to help sponsor the large surgery bill. We kicked in $300. Once she’s healed, Minnie will be sent to a northern Lab rescue where she will find an excellent home.

HPAN Pays $130 to Assist with Rescue Dog’s Heartworm Treatment

Minnie, a 1.5 year old terrier mix pulled by Shizzy’s Doggy Haven from the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter, has tested positive for heartworms. The rescue has raised all but $130 for her treatment, and they asked us to help. We were happy to invest in the life of this precious one. Treatment will begin around the first of May. Once healed, Minnie will be available for adoption through Shizzy’s.