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HPAN Joins Efforts to Save Milo’s Life

Milo was surrendered by his owner to A Chance for Champ. He was sick and in need of emergency care. That’s when we were called on to help. Milo has been diagnosed with parvovirus, and he is fighting for his life. A simple vaccine could have prevented this. We contributed $300 to the mounting charges. If Milo makes it, he will be put up for adoption buy the rescue group.

HPAN Helps Milo with $300 for Surgery

Milo was a hunting dog that no one wanted anymore, so he was turned loose and left to fend for himself. With no one to take care of him, Milo was doing his best to find food and shelter when he was hit by a car. Instead of helping Milo, the driver of the car just left him laying in the road and injured. Milo was brought in by an animal control officer who found him disoriented and struggling to walk. Milo’s back leg/hip was broken, but the Campbell County Animal Center stabilized him, addressed his pain, and began a fundraising campaign. The veterinarian needed to surgically repair the ball part of Milo’s hip, so that he can fully heal and live a happy life with a family who loves him. Milo’s sad eyes tell a lot about his life up until now. He is a houndie with a lot of living left to do, so we sponsored his surgery! We can’t wait to see him get him well and in a home of his very own.

HPAN Helps Five Dogs Get on a Better Path

Pet Path Rescue has been saving a lot of little lives lately. In the last few weeks, they’ve saved eight dogs from would-be euthanasia. Grady, Baxter, Cookie, and Milo were pulled from high-kill shelters, and Spot was an owner surrender to rescue, which kept him from going to the shelter. We sponsored basic vetting for these five to the tune of $302 at a low-cost clinic.

HPAN Pays for Altering/Vaccinating Three Morgan County Dogs

The Morgan County Animal Coalition approached us asking for help in altering and vaccinating three of their rescue dogs. Pumpkin came to the rescue with a litter of puppies, and nobody wanted to see her have another litter. Milo and Grainger certainly didn’t need to be contributing to the pet population either. Before the dogs could be placed with adoptive families, altering and vaccinations were a must. We sent the rescue $40 for parvo/distemper vaccines, and we paid the $195 to Planned Pethood for the remaining services.


HPAN Supports Preventive Medicine

HPAN donated $78 to the Morgan County Animal Coalition of TN (MCAC) for the first round of shots needed for five dogs recently pulled into their rescue.