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Rockin’ Community Cats Saves Dogs, Too!

Max and Pharaoh were lucky to be rescued from the Campbell County Animal Shelter by a cat rescue! These boys have a sad past and needed various vet services. We were able to sponsor their neuters, parasite testing, and even a dental for $285. Their lives are already better than before!

HPAN Sponsors 5 Stray/Abandoned Cats with $400.73

Biddy, Max, and Peyton were taken in by Almost Home Animal Rescue as strays. Hercules and Frosty were abandoned by their owners and were saved by the same rescue. We had the opportunity to sponsor their basic vet needs. These little sweeties have a bright future!

HPAN Helps Save Lives of Two Donkeys

Melinda and Max are two standard donkeys pulled from auction by the East Tennessee Miniature Horse and Donkey Rescue. Melinda became sick first with a very bad cough and probably a viral infection. Max did not have a fever at that time, but by the evening he had a very high fever of 103.4.  Their vet was able to get the fever down to 101.8, and both beasts were transported to UT vet hospital. Melinda was not allowing Max to nurse either, only to find that her milk was almost dry. The rescue reached out to us for help on life saving treatment. We chipped in $600.

HPAN Sponsors Two Morgan County Strays

Max and Tex luckily showed up at one of our board members’ homes. While we are not a rescue, sometimes we find ourselves in a position serving as a rescue, but only on occasion and when there are no other alternatives. Max and Tex were dropped in a county where there is no shelter. After unsuccessful attempts to place the dogs in rescue, we had to do what we had to do, which was get them vetted and ready for adoption. We sponsored their initial exams and testing, vaccines, dewormer, neuters, and preventives for one month. Both boys are healthy, happy, and needing forever homes. Anyone interested should request an application by sending an email to info@helpingpawsanimalnetwork.org.

Max & Tex

HPAN Sponsors to Help Save Two More RCAS Dogs

Now that the Roane County Animal Shelter is on the rescue bandwagon, we are assisting rescues as they pull animals left and right. Our grant to vet 20 animals is being used a couple animals at a time. This week it was Max and Sonny’s turn. They were taken to Animal Works for the works! They will be going to The Sanctuary at Haafsville in Pennsylvania in a few days! Have a good life, boys!


HPAN Covers $125 Vetting Fee for Stray Puppy

Maxum was found wandering on a county road, apparently abandoned. Thankfully, he was picked up and taken into foster care. Homeward Bound Dog Rescue of New York heard of his story and offered to pull him into rescue. We agreed to pay for his vetting (exam, dewormer, vaccines, neuter, and health certificate). Max is on his way to a great life!