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HPAN Sponsors Four MAARC Animals with $2000

Two thousand dollars is A LOT of money, but it’s only a portion of the vet bills the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC) is responsible for on these four beautiful animals:

Maggie was abandoned by her owner, and left with someone who wasn’t allowed to have pets. She needed all of her basic vet services, including a spay surgery, so the $500 we kicked in on her bill was a big help to the rescue.

Murphy was surrendered by his owner and ended up sick with cancer. The rescue did what they could to help him, and we assisted with the bill ($500). In the end, he was humanely euthanized. At least Murphy knew he was loved.

Chanel was found with a collar embedded in her neck and one around her leg. She was in bad shape. The rescue had to have the collar surgically removed. We kicked in $500 on her medical care, and she is doing much better.

Al was picked up as a stray. One of his legs was so severely injured that it had to be removed. We were able to pay $500 on Al’s medical bill. He’s doing well as a tripod!

Maggie and Parker Get New and Better Lives

Animal control took these poor babies to a local shelter. Maggie was wounded and had so many issues needing addressed. Parker was found unable to walk and seemed to be poisoned. Both got the vet care they needed, with our help, and they are already living much better in loving environments.

HPAN Sponsors Nutmeg’s Boarding/Socialization for $252

Oak Ridge Animal Shelter dog, Nutmeg, had started to grow “shelter weary” and had begun to show some aggression. The shelter was referred to a boarding facility, The Pup Tent, in Friendsville, Tennessee, that has a history of boarding aggressive shelter dogs, showing them they don’t have to be that way. They provide positive and playful socialization techniques to help dogs build confidence and see how fun being nice can be. The Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter asked if we could sponsor this “therapy” for Nutmeg, aka Meggie, and we were glad to give her this chance.


HPAN Pays almost $600 on Oak Ridge Animal Shelter Dogs

Baby is an 11 month old “apartment sized” pit bull, who was brought to the shelter with her sister, Maggie.  She came in with a very large cherry eye that needed to be addressed immediately.  We paid $300 on her surgery bill. Another darling pup was brought in reportedly hit by a car.  He could not walk on his hind leg.  We paid $286.94 on his vet bill.


HPAN Supports Preventive Medicine

HPAN donated $78 to the Morgan County Animal Coalition of TN (MCAC) for the first round of shots needed for five dogs recently pulled into their rescue.