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HPAN Sponsors Lucy with $300

The Blount County Animal Welfare Society (BCAWS) pulled Lucy from the Blount County Animal Center. She was heartworm positive and had a low grade mast cell tumor on her rump. They had her heartworms treated, had the mast cell tumor excised, and found her a wonderful foster home. Then they discovered a hole in her palate. Without repair, Lucy could have had problems with aspiration, infection, etc. BCAWS asked us to sponsor her palate surgery for $300. Now Lucy is all fixed up and back in foster care.

HPAN Sponsors Shaggy & Lucy with $600

Shaggy and Lucy were surrendered to Roane County Paws by their owner because they could not take care of them. Both dogs were diagnosed with heartworms and needed life-saving treatment, which we sponsored for $600. Both dogs will be adopted into families who can love and care for them.

HPAN Helps Five Dogs with Basic Vetting

Rob, Brindi, Bella, Lucy, and Sarah were pulled from a high-kill shelter by Pet Path. We sponsored their vaccines, dewormer, testing, and spay/neuter at a low-cost clinic for $347. These beauties are now up for adoption!

HPAN Donates $900 for Three Heartworm-Positive Dogs

Roane Stray Haven reached out to us asking for assistance with treating three shelter dogs who tested positive for heartworms. Approximately $375 is needed per dog. We were able to cover $300 on each dog. At around $5 or less per month, heartworms are so easy to prevent. Just think of all the money we could save, and think of how much easier the lives of Stretch, Stuart, and Lucy would be if their owners had been responsible.



HPAN Helps Two Chihuahuas Get Ready for Transport

Lucy and Brittany were pulled from the Roane County Animal Shelter and placed in short-term boarding. Homeward Bound Dog Rescue of New York agreed to take the two girls into their program. Because the girls have some age on them, they need a dental as well as basic vetting. They asked us to sponsor their spay surgeries, so we sent $220 to their vet.

Lucy and Brittany