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HPAN Sponsors Incubator for LPZ

Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue (LPZ) is now a certified White Tail Deer Rehabilitation Facility and have been bombarded with deer in need from all over East Tennessee. Many of the deer they have rescued are in need of an incubator in order to thrive and in some cases, survive. They asked us to help them purchase a used incubator for their very small, and/or unhealthy fawns who need extra help in order to survive and be released back into their natural habitat after rehabilitation. We sent $300 to help with this $1900 purchase.

HPAN Sponsors Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue with $250

With winter coming, the Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue (LPZ) has a need for sponsors. We decided to send a small gift so that animals like Razz would be comfortable in the cold. LPZ acquired Razz after learning he’d been abandoned. The owner left him with a friend and sadly never picked him up. After locating the owner, the friend tried to return Razz to her, but she was no longer interested in keeping him. Neither party had the means or space to care for a silver fox. LPZ took Razz in and have given him a permanent home.


HPAN Sends $700 to Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue

Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue (LPZ&R) reached out to us for assistance with the purchase of a generator needed for their kangaroo and wallaby buildings. The rescue barely scrapes by in the winter months and are funded solely by donations, which do not keep up with the expenses. We think Jack the kangaroo and his wallaby neighbor will be happy campers now knowing their heat lamps can continue burning regardless of the power status.

LPZ generator

HPAN Sends $250 to Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue

Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue put out a call for assistance with the need for a new wallaby shelter. This rescue does tremendous work for the well being of so many animal species. We are happy to help them achieve their rescue mission.