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Since April 2011, when Helping Paws Animal Network (HPAN) officially formed, we have been able to provide funding to save, feed, or care for dozens of animals, through the help of our member donations. The only thing missing was that most of the time, only one or two members got to meet the animals, if anyone did at all.  We wish everyone could experience how truly wonderful it to hold a puppy who has just been rescued or a kitten who was saved.

This blog is our way of bringing our members closer to animals that they have helped with their donations. Each post will allow you to see and hear the stories. We are attempting to post everything from HPAN funding lifesaving surgery, to buying food for a hungry animal with your donations. It provides a resource that is accessible outside of Facebook for those who do not have Facebook accounts.

This blog does not replace the HPAN Facebook page which serves as an electronic resource for animals that need foster care or adoption. Facebook is our main source of communication for helping animals. Please check out our Facebook page by clicking on the icon on the right, and “Like” us!  You can also follow us on Twitter. The link to Twitter is located at the bottom of each individual post.

You can follow this blog via email through the Follow Us!  link on the right. The categories are key words from and about each blog. Click on a keyword in the Category drop down box to see all blogs that match the key word.

If you wish to make a donation to HPAN, there is a link to PayPal’s secure site on the right. Please use helpingpaws37830@gmail.com as the recipient of the donation.

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