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HPAN Sponsors Elly for $53.90

Young Williams Animal Center contacted Halo’s Second Chance Animal Rescue when they received a puppy who needed to be bottle fed. During this time in rescue, Elly developed an upper respiratory infection and needed an antibiotic. The sneezing and runny nose did not clear up, so she was given a second round of medicines. The rescue group contacted us to sponsor the $53.90 bill. Elly is now well and beginning to thrive.

HPAN to the Rescue with $303.50

Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue was called by the great folks of the Anderson County Animal Shelter to come to the rescue of a mom dog, Tulip, who had just delivered six puppies at the shelter, which is no place for newborns to be. They immediately went into foster care and then a bit later to the vet for services including puppy shots, dewormer, testing on Tulip, and health certificates. What an honor to help this little family at Christmastime!

HPAN helps Memphis & 7 Puppies

Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue was notified about a very pregnant Catahoula Leopard Dog mix.  They pulled the pregnant Catahoula, Memphis, from the shelter and sent her home with a foster.  That evening, Memphis went into labor resulting in nine puppies! As days went on, Memphis was struggling to feed the surviving puppies. Memphis had an infection which caused four of her nipples to dry up. This could’ve led to death if she continued to feed because she was so emaciated. HPAN helped fund the veterinary exams as well as the medication needed for Memphis and her puppies!

HPAN Sponsors Sassy and Maybelle for $500

Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue took in two strays and put them on the good life path. Sassy broke with Parvo and needed vet care, for which we sponsored at $200, and Maybelle tested positive for heartworms. We kicked in $300 on her treatment.

HPAN Sponsors Gracee and Teeter for $226.25

Gracee and Teeter found themselves at the Roane County Animal Shelter. Old and sick, their chances at adoption were slim, so Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue came to the  rescue. Both dogs were taken to the vet for an exam ASAP. Gracee was found to have a urinary tract infection and an enlarged heart, for which she is now on medication. We sponsored all of this plus her rabies vaccine. Teeter had complications during his neuter due to a heart murmur that was discovered, so we sponsored his medical needs as well. Both of these dogs are in foster care and waiting for someone to adopt them. They deserve a get home before their time is up.

Gracee Teeter

HPAN Helps in Grace’s Healing

Grace was found as a stray and ended up at the Roane County Animal Shelter. Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue took her in and found that she had a bad case of heartworms. She received treatment and is resting. A sanctuary in Pennsylvania is taking Grace into their program, so they sent some funds on her treatment cost, and HPAN kicked in $55.48 to pay the balance. Grace is in for a wonderful life, never to be a stray again!

HPAN Helps Monty Get Well with $89

Monty is a senior dog pulled from the Roane County Animal Shelter by Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue. He had a severe infection that had his right eye matted shut, as well as a yeast infection on his skin. We paid for his veterinary exam, antibiotic ointment for his eye, oral antibiotics for his skin, as well as his rabies vaccine, and heartworm test. Monty will now know the good life!

HPAN Helps Halos with $638 for Sick Puppies

A litter of puppies was found abandoned at the Anderson County Animal Shelter at 2 weeks of age, after the mother was hit by a car and killed.  Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue took them in, and fosters immediately began bottle feeding them.  They unfortunately lost two of the male puppies very quickly overnight.  At about 5 weeks of age, one of the other males in the litter began having upper respiratory problems and passed away within 15 minutes of arriving at the emergency vet. And most recently, the last male presented with upper respiratory problems and was rushed to Pellissippi Vet, where he also passed away within 15 minutes of arrival.  Halos volunteers are treating the three girls, Hope, Grace, and Faith with antibiotics and nebulizer breathing treatments. We paid a good portion of their vet bill.

HPAN Helps Raggedy Andy with $300

Sweet Raggedy Andy was found abandoned and alone as a stray in Roane County. He was brought to the Roane County shelter, and Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue was immediately called for help. Andy was very cold, scared, and was so matted that we were not sure what gender he was until we got him to Volunteer Vet and they were able to shave him down some. Raggedy Andy also had open wounds around his neck and ears, consistent with being attacked by another dog or animal. This sweet boy also had a large tumor on his belly, dragging on the ground. We contributed $300 to the cost of his surgery and basic vetting. Once sweet Andy is healthy, he will be placed for adoption to find his FURever home with Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue.

HPAN Sponsors Roy with $300

Roy was surrendered to the Roane County Animal Shelter when his owner lost his home. Roy was thin and sickly. The shelter called on Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue who gladly took in Roy and asked us for help. Roy’s medical exam revealed heartworms, so we sponsored his treatment for $300. He will be resting in foster care until the heartworms are eradicated, and then he will be available for adoption.