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HPAN Helps 7 Rescued Pups with $515

Pet Path Rescue is doing tremendous work. We recently sponsored full vet services for Gunner, Annie, Phoebe, Ally, Gizzmo, Cody, and Macie, all of whom were rescued from shelters or were owner surrenders.


HPAN Sponsors Gunner’s Heartworm Treatments for $300

Gunner was found wandering the streets of Morgan County, like so many other dogs, and Roane County Paws took him in as they continued to look for his owner. The owner was found, but sadly did not want him back. Upon his veterinary exam, Gunner was found to be heartworm positive. We paid $300 on the cost of treatment.


HPAN Pays $123 for Gunner’s Surgery

Gunner was taken in by For the Love of Paws, Inc. after he’d been hit by a car and was found in a ditch unable to move. They had his leg repaired, knowing the pin in his leg would have to be removed. That’s what they called on us to help with. Little Gunner is recovering nicely and available for adoption.