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HPAN Pays $439 to Help Campbell County Animal Shelter with Three Dogs

Shelly was surrendered to the shelter by her family who could not properly care for her. We paid for her spay surgery. 

Priscilla was taken to the shelter as a stray. She tested positive for heartworms, so we sponsored her treatment as well as her spay.

Gracie was also a stray who had been hanging out at the local middle school for a while begging for handouts. She also tested positive for heartworms, so we sponsored her treatment, too.

All these beautiful girls are recovering in foster care prior to being available for adoption.

HPAN Helps Two Dobies with $459

This is the first time the Volunteer State Doberman Rescue has called on us, and we’re so glad they did! We were able to sponsor heartworm treatments for both Gracie and Rocco, as well as pay for Rocco’s neuter. These beautiful dogs are so worth the village effort!

HPAN Sponsors Heartworm Treatment for Two Rescue Dogs with $600

Mya was captured by the city of Rockwood Animal Control and taken in by Roane County Paws, as was Gracie, who was surrendered by her owner due to his illness. Both of these beautiful dogs have not been protected against heartworms, so their hearts are riddled with them. Treatment will be long and painful, but they deserve a chance to live. We are helping the rescue group with these large bills that could have been easily avoided with a monthly dose of heartworm prevention.