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HPAN Sponsors 21 AHAR Animals with $1684

All of these beauties were taken in by Almost Home Animal Rescue (AHAR) as strays or owner surrenders. They needed basic vet care including vaccines, parasite tests, medication/preventives, and spay/neuter. We sponsored the needs for $1,684. Some are now in their adoptive homes, and others are still available. On to better lives, Olive, Soleil, Priscilla, Elvis, Grace, Bonnie, Clyde, Kingston, Fuzzy Tail, Jolie, Reuben, Stitch, Buddy, Sadie, Mulan, and Soliel’s litter: Mars, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, Eartha, and Saturn!

HPAN Sponsors Eye Removal for $250

This little kitten weighed just over a pound when she was rescued from a trailer park colony. She was sick, and one eye was so infected that it was completely distended from its socket and riddled with parasites. The Stray Connection took her in and named her Grace. Unfortunately, the eye couldn’t be saved, but she is much more comfortable and will do just fine with one eye. The rescue will ensure she gets a family who will keep her indoors.

HPAN Helps in Grace’s Healing

Grace was found as a stray and ended up at the Roane County Animal Shelter. Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue took her in and found that she had a bad case of heartworms. She received treatment and is resting. A sanctuary in Pennsylvania is taking Grace into their program, so they sent some funds on her treatment cost, and HPAN kicked in $55.48 to pay the balance. Grace is in for a wonderful life, never to be a stray again!

HPAN Helps Halos with $638 for Sick Puppies

A litter of puppies was found abandoned at the Anderson County Animal Shelter at 2 weeks of age, after the mother was hit by a car and killed.  Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue took them in, and fosters immediately began bottle feeding them.  They unfortunately lost two of the male puppies very quickly overnight.  At about 5 weeks of age, one of the other males in the litter began having upper respiratory problems and passed away within 15 minutes of arriving at the emergency vet. And most recently, the last male presented with upper respiratory problems and was rushed to Pellissippi Vet, where he also passed away within 15 minutes of arrival.  Halos volunteers are treating the three girls, Hope, Grace, and Faith with antibiotics and nebulizer breathing treatments. We paid a good portion of their vet bill.


GraceHPAN donated $100 for Grace’s care. Tessa Springs saved her; she was rescued from a barn when she was 4 weeks old, and was starving and dehydrated. She was flea infested and her bones showed through her skin. Her fur was not healthy and she had upper respiratory problems.

Sadly, Grace’s back legs started to drag behind her. She was no longer using them, so we are waiting to hear if surgery will help her. She can no longer use the litter box either. Poor Grace is being given a second chance, thanks to Tessa.