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HPAN Sponsors Ginger’s Heartworm Treatments with $300

Ginger was found as a stray, and just before her northbound transport with Homeward Bound Dog Rescue, she tested positive for heartworms. We paid for her treatment so she can move on to a better life.

Ginger chi 1


HPAN Helps Homeward Bound Dog Rescue with $500

Homeward Bound Dog Rescue takes in a lot of dogs, and then they vet them and send them up to their rescue in New York. They lean toward rescuing dogs that need out of the shelters first. They love labs, and fell in love with Crockett at a local shelter. He was found as a stray, and after his stray hold was up, they decided to take him into rescue. He is heartworm positive and fairly large at about 75 pounds, so his treatment will run about $400. HPAN kicked in $250. Crockett is currently with a foster family and doing well on his treatments.

Cookie is another recently rescued by Homeward Bound. She was dumped in a rural area and appears to be pregnant. She needs to be spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, etc. HPAN kicked in $125 to cover her needed vetting.

Ginger is another Homeward Bound shelter rescue with heartworms. There were donations for half of her treatment, so HPAN decided to cover half of the remaining need, kicking in $125.



Cookie (upper left), Crockett (lower left), and Ginger (right)

HPAN Receives a Special “Thank You” from New Rescue

Late last year we entered a blog post when we helped the Loudon County Friends of Animals with a new rescue start-up.  We recently received this from them:

Just wanted to check in with you and say thank you AGAIN for your support of our cause. Thanks to your generosity we were able to pull every available kitten that the shelter did not fix for PetSmart into rescue since we officially started in late December. A collaborative effort of LCFOA and the shelter left no kitties in the shelter on Christmas Even or New Year’s Eve!! You helped us to pull and vet so many babies. Pictured are the individual babies we pulled into foster! From Prancer, Addison, Honey, Hope, Holly, Haley, Maryann (and babies!!!),Ginger, Gilligan, Lacy, Chase, and Audrey…..THANK YOU!!!!!