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Puppies Survive Parvo Treatment with $668.60 from HPAN

George (cute little white one) is one of two parvo survivors from a litter of nine. The two black pups are from a litter of four. They were treated for coccidia, recovered quickly, and have transferred north. All three of these babies were surrendered to the Blount County Animal Welfare Society when they became listless and stopped eating. Thankfully, all of these pictured made it, and we were so glad to help them!

HPAN Assists ETPBR Needs with $500

The East TN Pit Bull Rescue asked us to help with a few of their dogs. George required emergency boarding to the tune of over $800. HPAN kicked in $200. Eros has an appointment for neutering, etc. HPAN kicked in $125. Other dogs have had illnesses requiring treatment, leaving the rescue with a large vet clinic balance. HPAN kicked in another $125.


HPAN Sends $660 in Sponsorship to SMART’s Veterinarian

Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee (SMART) was in need of funding for the veterinary care of their sanctuary animals. In the past three months, they have been raising a litter of puppies born to a dog, Daisy, they rescued in August.  When the puppies were six weeks old, one of the pups, George, was diagnosed with a genetic disease called Strangles. Fortunately, George is expected to make a full recovery, but the unexpected cost of raising a surprise litter of pups has put a bit of a stress on them financially.  They were requesting a donation of $660 toward upcoming wellness exams and vaccines, which would cover up to six of their senior dogs.


Daisy and George


Sunny, Madison, and Priscilla

HPAN Sponsors Two Homeward Bound Pups

Homeward Bound Dog Rescue (HBDR) took in seven 3-day-old pups from the Blount County Animal Center. They’d been dropped off without their mom. HBDR bottle fed them around the clock, but they needed their mom’s nourishment, so all but two passed away. The two survivors are strong and old enough now for vaccines and altering. HPAN paid the $250 fee needed for George and Noorey.





Horse Haven of Tennessee

Helping Paws Animal Network recently learned of the great work that Horse Haven of Tennessee does, and we voted to send them $300.  Horse Haven’s mission includes rescuing horses from cruel or dangerous situations and providing shelter, care, rehabilitation, and adoption when needed.  One of our own members has personally seen Horse Haven in action as they swept in and rescued George (pictured) from a neglectful situation.  Unfortunately, it was too late for George.  Although his death was tragic, there was a ray of light in that the owner was forced by law enforcement to take care of other horses in his custody or face federal charges if more signs of abuse are reported.  Take a look at all the great work at Horse Haven and consider sending in some support because caring for horses is expensive!