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HPAN Sponsors Two Dogs with Heartworms to the Tune of $500

Shelter dogs, Slim Shady and Jasper, were destined to die either from humane euthanasia or from inhumane heartworms. Thankfully, Fighting for the Bullys Pitbull Rescue saw value in their life and offered them a chance to live. Because the rescue organization has been so hammered with vet bills lately, they asked us to sponsor heartworm treatments for these two beautiful dogs.


HPAN Pays $300 on Joey Mac’s Surgery

Fighting for the Bullys Pitbull Rescue pulled Joey Mac from an animal shelter. When the transporter got there to pick him up, he was found to have a prolapsed rectum. It required immediate surgery, but the surgery didn’t hold, and he prolapsed again. A more extensive surgery was required, which is when the rescue called on us for help. The $300 we contributed is only a small portion of the entire bill. Tax-deductible contributions on Joey Mac can be sent to the rescue.

HPAN Helps Rescue with Better Days for Hayze

Hayze was rescued by Fighting for the Bullys Pitbull Rescue. He came to them with a terrible skin condition and heartworm positive. We contributed $173 toward his vet bill to help place him on the road to recovery.

Hayze freedom ride