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HPAN Sponsors Initial Vetting for Two Rescued Pit Bulls

Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue (FFTBR) recently rescued Diva from deplorable living conditions in an outside kennel. They also rescued Puff, who had a terrible case of Demodex mange, from a Tennessee shelter. We sponsored spay surgeries, vaccines, heartworm tests, and microchips for these girls to the tune of $170 at the Young Williams Animal Center’s clinic. Both dogs are adoptable through FFTBR.


HPAN Sponsors Heartworm Treatments for Macy and Lion with $500

Neither Macy nor Lion knew what it was to have a good life before being rescued by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue (FFTBR). Macy had never been vetted and was allowed to have litter upon litter. FFTBR took her and her puppies in. Lion was found wandering the streets emaciated (see before and after photos). The rescue needed to work on his nutrition before anything else could be addressed. Unfortunately, both Macy and Lion tested positive for heartworms. They are both now healthy enough for treatment to the tune of $250-$300 per dog. An ounce of prevention would have been way less expensive, but their lives are worth saving, so we sponsored their treatments and hope they do well and go on to lives the long lives they deserve.

HPAN Pays on Medical Needs for Bullies

Fighting for the Bullies Rescue (FFTBR) has some pups needing medical care. Sawyer is having skin and ear issues. Pistol has a suspected urinary tract infection. Koji is ready for basic vetting, and Aubrie needs a check-up and heartworm test. All this costs money, so we kicked in $250 of relief directly to their vet account. All these beauties are up for adoption through FFTBR.


HPAN Pays for Wynter’s spay

One more pit bull altered thanks to HPAN and Fighting for the Bullys Rescue (FFTBR)! Wynter is available for adoption through FFTBR.