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$1390.71 Helps a Dozen Rescue Animals in Need

Harold and Fern and her five babies benefited from HPAN sponsorship a few weeks ago, but their needed vetting continued for an additional $404.67. Their background stories are posted on an earlier blog entry.

Almost Home Animal Rescue also asked us to sponsor vet bills for three more cats and two dogs for $986.04. All of these beauties were either turned in as strays, or were abandoned or surrendered by their former owners. Vetting consisted of basic services, such as vaccines, dewormer, testing, and spay/neuter, to more complex services, such as dentals and allergy treatments.

Family of Cats Gets Initial Vet Care

Fern and her kittens were found under a vacation rental and surrendered to Almost Home Animal Rescue. We have committed to their vet care before they are adoptable. That started recently with wellness exams, vaccines, and dewormer. Soon they will receive booster vaccines and be spayed and neutered.