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HPAN Helps Sadie with $156

Sadie has been with the East TN Pitbull Rescue for months. She came in with heartworms, and now that it’s time to address the issue, we paid a large portion of the bill so she will soon be ready for her own home.

HPAN Sponsors several ETPBR Dogs

In January, the East TN Pit Bull Rescue was contacted about 19 dogs on a shelter euthanasia list and 12 of them were pit bulls. They agreed to take in DJ, Sadie, and Riley, who have been in boarding since January, and the fees keep adding up. We paid the $423 boarding fee so these dogs have a chance at adoption.

Then there’s Slick, a cruelty case forced to enter a shelter, and a large, young, deaf pit bull. They pulled him with promises from another rescuer, moved him to a boarding facility and had him neutered. Slick has been sitting there since December. Turns out the other rescuer backed out. We kicked in $300 on Slick’s boarding fee so he can be available for adoption.

Lastly, there have been so many puppies. They have caused ETPBR to amass quite a large vet bill. We kicked in a few hundred dollars to help pay for basic and not-so-basic vetting.

HPAN Pays $600 to Help Boomer and Bella Get Well

Boomer was found running in traffic on a busy Knoxville street. He was riddled with heartworms, as was Bella who was pulled from a Tennessee shelter. East TN Pit Bull Rescue took both into their program and asked if we could help, so we paid for their heartworm treatments, and they are currently recovering.

HPAN Helps ETPBR with $500

The East TN Pit Bull Rescue (ETPBR) has had some tough cases lately, causing a pile-up of vet bills. Mary Kay was a shelter dog scheduled for euthanasia due to her extensive skin issues when ETPBR had mercy on her. She spent 23 days in boarding with specialized medicine and medicated baths to address her problems. Olaf came into their rescue with every bone showing, a severe skin infection, and was heartworm-positive. The rescue continues to rack up expenses for his treatment. Zeus is a 6 month old pit who lived in a low spot in a yard on a tie out with a plastic crate for a dog house. Every time it rained… he would be huddled on top of that crate because there would not be an inch of ground showing and the crate would be full of water.  He had a nasty skin infection and ear infections as a result. He was bone skinny and full of parasites. He is now fully vetted, microchipped, and ready for his forever home. We are happy to help ETPBR by paying their vet for these needed services.

HPAN Helps Xavier Beat Heartworms with $300

Xavier the shelter dog caught a break by being pulled in by the East TN Pit Bull Rescue (ETPBR) after multiple shelter workers went to bat for him. He wiggled and snorted into the hearts of so many. After the shelter neutered, vaccinated, and chipped him, they learned he had heartworms. ETPBR did not let that sway their commitment to Xavier. His treatments have already started at Butler Animal Clinic. We chipped in $300 to help with the costs.

HPAN Helps “Pit Crew” with $1,000 Grant

The East TN Pit Bull Rescue has been busy! They’ve been pulling dogs left and right, which comes with a lot of vet bills. Specifically, both Esther and Soloman need tumors removed and screened. They have dogs needing heartworm tests, puppies needing vaccines, and they have a big boarding bill from a special case. Our $1,000 grant will pay their bills and ease their burden just a little so they can focus on taking care of these babies.

Esther (top left), Soloman (top right), & puppies below!

HPAN Assists ETPBR Needs with $500

The East TN Pit Bull Rescue asked us to help with a few of their dogs. George required emergency boarding to the tune of over $800. HPAN kicked in $200. Eros has an appointment for neutering, etc. HPAN kicked in $125. Other dogs have had illnesses requiring treatment, leaving the rescue with a large vet clinic balance. HPAN kicked in another $125.


HPAN Sponsors Pit Bulls with $500

joeyThe East TN Pit Bull Rescue (ETPBR) has been hammered with medical cases this year. Joey came to them in scraggly condition. You could see the defeat in his face… His skin was a mess. His bones were showing thru the skin.  Worse… he was high positive for heartworms. For six months, they fed him good groceries and supplements to strengthen his immune system and improve his general health. During this time, he was given medicines to stop the growth of the heartworm larvae. Once his overall health was improved, they had him retested and he was still high positive but had no symptoms. Joey received his first treatment in February; he has one treatment to go. We sponsored the remaining cost of $100.

sushiSushi had skin issues, was terribly skinny, and a limp. X-rays show a badly broken elbow with a lot of scar tissue and floating fragments requiring amputation. The estimate for surgery Butler’s is $625; we sponsored $300 of the cost. Anything to help Sushi can be paid to Butler’s Animal Clinic at 865-531-7311.

Lastly, Squeak, a new rescue at EBPBR needed to be spayed, dewormed, vaccinated, and microchipped. We sponsored the cost at $100.


HPAN Sponsors Two HW+ Dogs with $500

The East TN Pit Bull Rescue has been hit hard lately with some big needs in the thousands of dollars. Two immediate needs are heartworm treatments needed for Handsome and Joey, so we contributed $500 to their vet to get those boys on the road to recovery.

handsome joey

HPAN Assists ETPTR with Christmas Eve Emergency

On Christmas Eve, Angus began vomiting all of his food back up. He passed a piece of a blanket early in the day. When his water and chicken broth came back up…the panic settled in. The East TN Pit Bull Rescue had no choice but to take Angus to Animal Emergency Critical Care and Referral on Kingston Pike. Later that night, he required bowel obstruction surgery to the tune of $3,800. HPAN kicked in $300, and the fundraiser is still ongoing, but at least Angus is alive and recovering well.