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HPAN Sponsors Dolly with $500

Dolly was a stray who had obviously been on her own for a while. This sweet girl was taken in by the Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center. Her skin allergies were out of control, causing significant hair loss, and her teeth were in bad shape. They took her to the vet to help her get healthy, and we paid $500 on the $800 bill.

HPAN Helps Dolly and Her Babies with a $300 Sponsorship

Dolly was a former breeder dog living in horrible conditions. Her owner would ween her puppies at just 2-3 weeks old to make a quick dollar and get her started on the next litter. When Dolly developed a severe uterine infection and could no longer breed, her owner took her to Young-Williams Animal Center (YWAC) for euthanasia. YWAC staff convinced the owner to instead surrender her to them, and their team jumped into action to make Dolly as comfortable as possible. Animal control was able to track down her babies from that horrible owner. He mentioned he was weaning this last litter at two weeks! We sent funds for Dolly’s spay surgery, which will happen as soon as the puppies are properly weaned, as well as medication for her uterine infection. Our funds will also help pay for initial puppy vetting. Dolly will remain with YWAC until they match her with the perfect home where she will never be treated as disposable ever again.

HPAN Sponsors Dolly with $300

Dolly is a 5 year old Bulldog who was rescued from a breeding situation. She was only used to make pups and then given away. She was turned in again and given away to a third home. This home had no knowledge of the care needed for a Bulldog and left her with a horrible skin condition, untreated ear infections, fleas, and unspayed. A nice lady rescued her and called the Humane Society of East Tennessee (HSET). Dolly’s spay surgery, vaccines, heartworm test, ear/skin treatment, and complete dental left the rescue with a $780 bill. We chipped in $300, giving HSET the ability to help another animal. Dolly is now ready for adoption!

HPAN Helps Save another Shelter Dog

Dolly was a stray in the community and approached several people for help; however, due to  the condition she was in, no one would help her.  Several people had threatened to shoot her.  She was taken to a local shelter and placed on stray hold, but no one stepped forward to claim her. The shelter’s volunteers asked us for funding assistance for treatment. We were happy to help! Dolly will be on her way to a rescue in Pennsylvania soon!


Hello Dolly!

Dolly came to the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter several weeks ago very sick-too sick to make it in a shelter environment. She was bloated with parasites, severely malnourished, and had a terrible skin infection. Nothing the shelter’s vet could do for her was helping. A volunteer with the Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter (FORAS) agreed to take her into foster care and try to put her on a path of wellness, increasing her chances at adoption by giving her medicated baths and antibiotics. Dolly fell ill recently and was rushed to UT Veterinary Clinic at 4 a.m. UT gave her IV fluids, medicine, took blood, and shot some x-rays. When she started to perk up, UT referred her back to Oak Ridge Veterinary Hospital, where her test results were evaluated. HPAN contributed $250 toward her medical bill. Dolly likely had a reaction to her medication, and she is doing much better. She is ready for her forever family.