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Chloe Feels Better with Our $286.44 Sponsorship

Kitty cat, Chloe, was surrendered to Almost Home Animal Rescue (AHAR) by her owner. She had terrible teeth causing her much pain, so oral surgery was the recommendation. AHAR asked us to sponsor her dental cleaning and necessary tooth extractions. We also covered a dose of flea prevention. Chloe will be up for adoption when she recovers.

HPAN Helps Chloe with $500

Chloe was surrendered to rescue when her owner couldn’t afford her medical needs (an ectopic ureter). The Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue felt that Chloe deserved a chance, so they took her in and got her the medical care she needed to thrive. We paid $500 toward her surgery bill at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center.

HPAN Pays $300 Toward Chloe’s Heartworm Treatments

Chloe is an 8 year old, heartworm-positive female given up by her owners because she kept digging out of their fenced yard. Slumdog Rescue Crew agreed to take her in, get her the treatment she needs to be well, and find her a home where she will be set up for success and loved forever. We sponsored $300 of her treatment fee.