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HPAN Pays $56 for Sam and Simon

Sam and Simon were brought to the shelter in Campbell County with their mom and two other siblings.  When they fell ill with gastrointestinal distress, shelter staff took them to the vet for treatment. We paid the bill of $56, and they are now in foster care, getting better and waiting on a spot to open at the adoption center.



HPAN Helps Local Shelter with $300

Early morning on November 22, 2019 the Campbell County Animal Shelter received a 911 dispatcher call for a dog hit by a car on Interstate 75N.  An animal control officer went to the scene and found a precious lab mix in the median.  He was immobile but awake.  He was docile even though he was in a great deal of pain.  He was taken to a clinic for exam and diagnosis.  Initially, they thought he only had a wound on his right shoulder from being hit by a car.  He appeared fairly stable.  After x-rays, it was determined that the right front leg was in fact broken as well. Additional x-rays were done to determine if his leg would heal with casting or if an amputation would be necessary.  The other x-rays showed he had been shot multiple times by two different weapons, one shotgun and another type of bullet firing gun. Rambo had been shot in the mouth with the bullet fragments lodging in his neck/shoulder area.  This would account for the loss of teeth and his inability to eat.   Rambo’s right hip was broken (presumably from being hit by a car) and his left hip and back area had a lot of lodged buckshot.  Unfortunately, Rambo didn’t make it, but the shelter and vet staff did everything they could do to help him. We eased their burden a little by paying $300 on the $500 bill.

HPAN Helps Raven with $254

Raven was hit by a car and taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter, then rushed to the vet for emergency treatment for a head injury.  Raven is in a medical foster home where she is still recovering.  She has learned manners, is learning what it is like to be spoiled, and is a staff favorite at the shelter.  She gives the best hugs! We were able to sponsor Raven’s initial vet costs, and the Friends of Campbell County Animals sponsored her specialty costs at the UT Vet Hospital. Raven has some balance issues, but her overall health is good. She seems quite happy to be a bit wonky!­­­

HPAN Helps Susie with $80

Susie came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter very pregnant. She was one of 49 dogs seized from a hoarding case.  We sponsored her ultrasound and x-rays to evaluate how far along she was in her pregnancy and to attempt to guess at viability of her puppies.  She was malnourished and is not good with most people.  She went into foster care where she delivered eight puppies.  Seven puppies have survived and are thriving.  Susie will be in foster care for the foreseeable future, as she is still not trusting of humans. 

HPAN Sponsors Buster with $300

Buster was found locked in a parked car at the lakeside.  A kind police officer attempted to locate his owner but was unsuccessful.  She busted the car window and rescued Buster. Upon arriving at the shelter, it was noted that Buster was happy but seemed to be in pain and wouldn’t put weight on one of his legs.  He was taken to the vet by Campbell County Animal Shelter staff for treatment and x-rays. He received treatment consisting of pain meds, x-rays, multiple splints, hydrotherapy, and physical therapy. Buster has a slight limp, but he still has his leg! So glad we had the opportunity to play a part in his recovery!

HPAN Sponsors Dude’s Surgery with $300

Dude was caught in a trap and lost a foot. Thankfully, he found himself turned in to the Campbell County Animal Center. The vet determined that amputation was needed. We sponsored $300 of his surgery costs.

HPAN Sponsors Cleopatra, Hoss, Littles, and Murphy for $232

Cleo and her little family were surrendered to the Campbell County Animal Shelter because “she just kept having kittens.” Little Cleo will never again have to lose her home for having babies. We sponsored her spay and microchip, as well as neuters and chips for her babies.  

$232 for FCCA’s Whiskey

Whiskey came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter with a high load of heartworms. Plus, he hadn’t been neutered. The shelter group reached out to us for help, and we were able to sponsor his surgery and treatment. Recovery will be long and difficult, but he is expected to make it.

HPAN Helps Ramona with $235

Ramona came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter very pregnant.  She was immediately placed in foster care and gave birth to a litter of kittens.  During the birthing process, she was rushed to a clinic when her foster determined something was going wrong.  Ramona’s kittens all passed away.  Ramona had an emergency spay and subcutaneous fluids.  She is mostly recovered and is up for adoption locally.

HPAN Sponsors Lady with $177

Lady was surrendered to the Campbell County Animal Shelter by her owner. She had not been spayed or kept on heartworm prevention. Unfortunately, she tested positive for heartworms, but the Friends of Campbell County Animals (FCCA) came to the rescue and started her on a 30-day regimen of antibiotics prior to her heartworm treatment injections. When it came time for the injections, FCCA reached out for us to sponsor the cost of that as well as Lady’s spay surgery. No more heartworms and no more pups for this fine gal!