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HPAN Helps Get Charlie Fixed up with $230

Charlie was an owner surrender to the Campbell County Animal Shelter.  He was not the friendliest, was very withdrawn, and he had heartworms.  After a couple weeks of TLC at the shelter, Charlie was placed in a medical foster home until his heartworm treatment and recovery were complete, which has taken 15 months.  Charlie has learned manners, knows what it is like to be loved, and is a perfect gentleman.  We sponsored the cost of his heartworm treatments and his neuter.

HPAN Helps Milo with $300 for Surgery

Milo was a hunting dog that no one wanted anymore, so he was turned loose and left to fend for himself. With no one to take care of him, Milo was doing his best to find food and shelter when he was hit by a car. Instead of helping Milo, the driver of the car just left him laying in the road and injured. Milo was brought in by an animal control officer who found him disoriented and struggling to walk. Milo’s back leg/hip was broken, but the Campbell County Animal Center stabilized him, addressed his pain, and began a fundraising campaign. The veterinarian needed to surgically repair the ball part of Milo’s hip, so that he can fully heal and live a happy life with a family who loves him. Milo’s sad eyes tell a lot about his life up until now. He is a houndie with a lot of living left to do, so we sponsored his surgery! We can’t wait to see him get him well and in a home of his very own.

HPAN Awards $2,400 Capital Improvement Grant

The Campbell County Animal Center (CCAC) is one of two rescue organizations to receive our 2018 capital improvement funds. We believe that the lack of spay/neuter is the root of the animal control problem. When CCAC described their plans of incorporating a low-cost spay/neuter clinic into their center, we wanted to help. The clinic will primarily be used for the shelter animals, but it will also be made available to the public. We were able to purchase two used surgical tables from a neighboring shelter at a reasonable price, and we are sending $1,000 worth of spay/neuter kits. Hopefully, funds generated at the clinic will create a sustaining program for this community.

HPAN Helps the Village Effort for Julie and Jasmine

Neighbors of Julie and Jasmine noticed that their owner was not caring for them. In fact, the neglect was so bad they were slowly dying. The authorities were called, and Animal Control of the Campbell County Animal Center (CCAC) seized the dogs. They were in horrible shape. At the vet hospital, the girls began to thrive ever so slowly, and their vet is now fostering them. CCAC asked us to help pay the vet bill, so we contributed $600. As soon as the court case is over, Julie and Jasmine can be adopted. This one took a village!

HPAN Sponsors Shelter’s Vaccine Needs

The Campbell County Animal Center is trying to get on the right track. Their new shelter director is working very hard to ensure the animals are healthy and adoptable. When she reached out to us asking for a grant for vaccines and combo tests, we were thrilled to help. We sent them a $500 donation for this purpose.