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Eight Shelter Dogs Safe!

Edgar, Oscar, Leo, Rascal, Pearl, Goldie, Bertha, and Buster were strays at a local shelter. When nobody came looking for them, their lives were on the line. Thankfully, the shelter contacted the Humane Society of Roane County. The rescue jumped into action and pulled the dogs into safety. We were asked to sponsor their wellness exams, rabies vaccines, flea treatments, and health certificates in preparation for a northbound transport. $326 well spent! All of the dogs will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption.

Buster In For a Better Life!

This sweet baby has spent three years of his life chained up to a tree. His owners finally decided to let animal control come get him because of the shape he was in. The Humane Society of Roane County pulled him from the shelter and asked us to sponsor his neuter for $130. He will be traveling to a northern rescue soon!

HPAN Sponsors Buster with $300

Buster was found locked in a parked car at the lakeside.  A kind police officer attempted to locate his owner but was unsuccessful.  She busted the car window and rescued Buster. Upon arriving at the shelter, it was noted that Buster was happy but seemed to be in pain and wouldn’t put weight on one of his legs.  He was taken to the vet by Campbell County Animal Shelter staff for treatment and x-rays. He received treatment consisting of pain meds, x-rays, multiple splints, hydrotherapy, and physical therapy. Buster has a slight limp, but he still has his leg! So glad we had the opportunity to play a part in his recovery!

HPAN Sponsors Abandoned Dogs in Morgan County with $246

Buster and Rascal were abandoned in a rural area and left alone on a Morgan County Tennessee property after the owners were evicted. They were found living under the abandoned house. They are reportedly the only ones left from a litter, the others having succumbed to starvation or coyotes. At Risk Intervention (ARI) took the dogs in and asked us to help cover their exams, vaccines, testing, and neuters. ARI covered their deworming, microchips, and flea/tick/heartworm prevention. Now, they are on their way to Great Pyrenees rescues!