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HPAN Sponsors SMART Cats and Dogs with $332

The Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee is a sanctuary for their rescued animals. A recent trip to animal ER depleted their funds, so they reached out to us for help with food and upcoming vet visits for cats, Bubba and Willie. We are happy to help this great rescue!




Bubba, an English Bulldog, was in need of a new home and some medical care. He was the third animal that Helping Paws Animal Network helped by providing funds which covered bathing, vet care, and neutering.  Bubba inspired us!  He was the first “official” animal helped since HPAN formed in April 2011, and that was the beginning of the “official” animal network of animal lovers at ORAU.  Looking back, it was on April 6 in an email thread between the people who became the charter leadership team of HPAN that we first discussed what we then called “The Bubba Fund.”  We all fell in love with Bubba the moment we met him!  Melissa White fostered him through May before she found the perfect forever family for him.

“Bubba is doing wonderful!! He is an amazing boy — not one accident in the house since the first day he attempted to hike his leg on a chair. LOL! Bubba listens so well — one request usually does the trick for him. I actually heard him bark for the first time Sunday, and yesterday he tried to save me from the vacuum. It was so hilarious! He does have very sensitive skin like an English Bulldog, but Benedryl seems to help. He loves kids!! I have introduced him to 3 of my male dogs and he was fine with all of them, but none was larger than he is. He loves to play with my bully Gnocchi, and it is so fun to watch them.”

Melissa told us, “Bubba, now Bow, has been adopted by the Lee family. His new best friend is Bella. I will miss him, he took a piece of my heart with him when he left.”  His forever family took him home on May 29th.  Here is Bow with his new mother. He is the happiest boy!

Bow and forever Mom