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Three Dogs Get Sponsored BCAWS They Deserve It!

Frosty, Brownie, and Callie were living in despicable conditions and not receiving the care they needed. The Blount County Animal Welfare Society (BCAWS) convinced owners to surrender the dogs to rescue so they can have the lives they deserve. We spent $846.50 to get the dogs examined, tested, vaccinated, dewormed, and boarded until their transport north. Onward and upward to better lives!

HPAN Gives a Pick-me-up to ORAS Dog

Brownie, a new dog at the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter, was clearly not feeling well – not wanting to move about.  Because he is such a wonderful dog, and otherwise very adoptable, HPAN offered to pay for his health screening to see if he had a problem that could be easily remedied.  Thankfully, a vet check revealed only a bad case of worms and coccidia which are all treatable.  After a small and worthwhile fee of $99.25, Brownie is on his way to better health.  Hopefully, he will be snatched up by a wonderful family soon.


HPAN Purchases Whelping Kennel for Shelter Dogs

There have been several pregnant dogs brought to the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter this summer.  A shelter is no place for puppies, as they are susceptible to disease.  There was a huge need for a whelping kennel for pregnant dogs to use until puppies are weaned and can be returned to the shelter.  HPAN offered to purchase this kennel that can be used time and time again.  Brownie is the first “house guest.”  She and her eleven puppies (pictured are four of them) are resting comfortably in the new kennel.

Kennel request for Angels for Anderson County Animals to be used for pregnant shelter dogs