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HPAN Pays $620 for Puppy Vetting

These puppies are part of a litter of 14 – a direct result of irresponsible pet ownership. Pet Path rescued half of them, and we sponsored their basic vetting, which included vaccines and spay/neuter for $620 at a low-cost clinic.


HPAN Pays $600 to Help Boomer and Bella Get Well

Boomer was found running in traffic on a busy Knoxville street. He was riddled with heartworms, as was Bella who was pulled from a Tennessee shelter. East TN Pit Bull Rescue took both into their program and asked if we could help, so we paid for their heartworm treatments, and they are currently recovering.

HPAN Sponsors Boomer’s Heartworm Treatment with a $300 Grant

The  John R. Hamil Animal Wellness Foundation, Inc., currently has a 70 pound shelter dog named Boomer in their rescue who is heartworm positive. They are seeking funding assistance for treating his heartworms, and we sponsored most of his treatment.