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HPAN Contributes $100 to Tank’s Diagnostic Tests

Tiny Tank is a Blount County Animal Center dog. He was “taken in” by Homeward Bound Dog Rescue, but he has special needs. Due to a defect in his spine, he must wear diapers. The shelter vet thought diagnostic testing would be needed to determine Tank’s problem and how to maximize his long-term survival, so we contributed half of the needed amount. He is currently happy in foster care while he awaits a special needs rescue.



HPAN Sponsors Jacks with $100

This is Jacks. He is with the Blount County Animal Center.  They paid to have him neutered and have his heartworm treatment done at Village Vet. Before being transported by Homeward Bound Dog Rescue to their New York headquarters, Jacks needed a few more vet services. We were happy to sponsor him!


HPAN Sponsors Livvy with a $150 Donation to Homeward Bound Dog Rescue

After being hit by a car and taken to the Blount County Animal Center, this little girl was rescued by Homeward Bound. She needed hip surgery. She was named Livvy because of her will to live. Now that Livvy has healed from surgery, she is ready to be spayed, vaccinated, and certified adoption ready! The rescue asked if we could help with the final expenses, and we were happy to!


Livvy at the shelter.


Livvy after initial surgery and in her foster home!