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HPAN Sponsors Full Vetting for Angelica and Eliza for $600

Angelica and Eliza were part of a Morgan County hoard without any vetting and barely enough food to survive. Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue stepped in to help, pulling over 30 dogs and having them properly vetted and sent to northern rescue groups where adoption rates are higher. We helped them get these two girls completely vetted, and they will be heading to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue where they will be adopted out into wonderful homes. Our $600 sponsorship covered their vaccines, exams and blood tests, antibiotics for a tick borne virus, deworming, microchips and spay surgeries.


HPAN Sponsors Two Big Fluffy Pups

Aaron and Alexander were two puppies from a “stray family” in Morgan County. A good Samaritan was caring for the stray mom dog when she had five puppies. She was able to find homes for three of the puppies, and Big Fluffy Dog Rescue rescued the other two and asked us to sponsor their vetting. We paid for puppy exams, deworming, and vaccines, and one pup needed antibiotics for a skin infection. We will take care of their neuters, boosters, and microchips at a later date.

HPAN Sponsors Two Stray Males for up to $600

These two boys, Freddie and Freckles, showed up in a rural area of Morgan County. The finder searched for their home to no avail. The dogs hung around his house for two weeks before they were able to make contact with someone who helped get the dogs into rescue. Big Fluffy Dog Rescue is taking them into their program. We sponsored their
exams, blood tests, vaccines, and deworming. Neuters and microchips will come when they’re healthier. Happy life, boys!

HPAN Sponsors Two Stray Dogs

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue is taking in these two dogs after they were picked up as strays from a county with no animal shelter. HPAN is sponsoring all their vetting.