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HPAN Sponsors BDH with $580

Big Dog Haven (BDH) is operating in a county where there is no animal shelter. They currently have 18 dogs in their rescue. One in particular is Daisy, an English Mastiff, surrendered by her owner. Daisy is blind, has a hematoma cutting off blood to her ear, and she hasn’t been to the vet in five years. We contributed $300 to help with Daisy’s needs. Additionally, BDH has four other dogs in need of yearly vaccines and exams (pictured). We contributed half the cost needed. We also sent a payment of $100 to a feed store so the rescue could pick up items for their kennels. We’re glad to be an occasional lifeline for this great group.






HPAN Helps with Big Dog Haven Needs

Big Dog Haven has 18 or so dogs in their care. Instead of using gravel or “crush and run,” they like to use pine/cedar shavings, which cuts down on bugs and keeps them cool in the summer. BDH will be moving to a new facility soon, but until then, their current kennels need to be maintained, so when they reached out to us for help with 20 bags of shavings, we were glad to call in a credit to Miller’s Feed so they could pick up a load.


HPAN Helps New Morgan County Rescue: Big Dog Haven

We recently sent support for a new non-profit rescue, Big Dog Haven (BDH), in Morgan County, TN, whose mission is to focus their efforts on abandoned and/or neglected large breed dogs. We assisted with four rescue dogs by paying for their spay/neuter, vaccines, and extra toe removal. Chika, Koto, Lil Bear, and Lyla were in horrible living conditions when BDH took them into rescue. Now, they are on the road to recovery and happiness.