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HPAN Assists ARI with Kennel Needs

At Risk Intervention (ARI), a local non-profit, operates what they call the “Waystation,” which is a short-term rescue for at-risk dogs. The dogs stay at the Waystation until they can be transported to a breed rescue or other rescue. The Waystation often has a dozen or so dogs in their space. They reached out to us to help them purchase some rubber mats for their kennels. The mats are necessary to insulate from drafts and prevent debris from getting wedged in the cracks.  Because the mats are black, they also retain heat, keeping the area warmed and preventing water from freezing in most temperatures. One 6×4 and one 4×4 stall mat are needed for each kennel, and each kennel is responsible for saving around 36 dogs per year, since an average dog’s stay is 10 days. They needed, and we bought seven mats for a total of $185. Yes, we’d say this was a worthy investment!


HPAN Sends $382 in Sponsorship for 3 Hound Dogs

At Risk Intervention (ARI, Inc.) took in three cruelty case hounds for rehab. We sponsored the following services: rabies and Bordetella vaccines, parasite checks, flea/tick/heartworm prevention (one dose), and health certificates. Once they are healthy and whole again, they will be available for adoption through rescue.


HPAN Sponsors Abandoned Dogs in Morgan County with $246

Buster and Rascal were abandoned in a rural area and left alone on a Morgan County Tennessee property after the owners were evicted. They were found living under the abandoned house. They are reportedly the only ones left from a litter, the others having succumbed to starvation or coyotes. At Risk Intervention (ARI) took the dogs in and asked us to help cover their exams, vaccines, testing, and neuters. ARI covered their deworming, microchips, and flea/tick/heartworm prevention. Now, they are on their way to Great Pyrenees rescues!


HPAN Assists At Risk Intervention with Rescue Project

At Risk Intervention (ARI) is instrumental in providing a safe stop-over for animal transports coming through East Tennessee. They are well-known in the rescue community for their multifaceted efforts. Occasionally, they take in a dog who would be eligible for transport with a little medical care. They reached out to us to help with Jordan, who was slated to go north, but can’t now that he is heartworm-positive.  Their goal is to help him get well and have him neutered so he will be ready to live out the rest of his life. He is only a year and a half old, so he deserves this chance. We sent $330 to ARI to help with costs for Jordan.


At Risk Intervention

Helping Paws Animal Network recently contributed $100 to At Risk Intervention (ARI), a local non-profit organization that assists in the transport of rescued dogs.  One of their initiatives is called the Waystation, which is a local place for dogs to stay overnight during transport.  All this costs money, and ARI is in the process of standing up a separate area strictly for overnights.  The owner/operator stated, “Just about every Friday and Saturday, the ‘usuals’ pull up to the Waystation, cars and vans loaded with dogs on their way to forever happiness. They’ve spent all day cooped up in crates or tethered in back seats, and all they want is to stretch their legs, have a nice snack, then settle in for a quiet night.” Knowing that the Waystation still needed some drywall, insulation, and air conditioning, HPAN wanted to help ARI get a little closer to meeting their nearly $3000 shortfall to make this dog dream a reality.  When construction is complete, many animals will benefit as this will provide them with a safe haven on some of those long drives to their forever homes.