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HPAN Provides Funding for Health Certificates on Oak Ridge Pups

HPAN was approached by Angels for Anderson County Animals (AACA) asking for help getting some local puppies on a Go North Animal Transport.  The operator had agreed to take eight of our local shelter puppies on this freedom ride.  Health certificates issued by a veterinarian were required for each puppy, so we gladly paid the fee to give these babies a chance at a great life.



HPAN Contributes to Puppy Freedom Ride

Recently, Michelle Davis, founder of Angels for Anderson County Animals, coordinated a big dog transport from Oak Ridge to a rescue in Ohio.  There were eight shelter puppies slated for transport that needed health checks/certificates before jumping on their freedom ride.  After their health checks, they hung out at a foster’s farm for three nights before the trip (see photo). The health checks/certificates totaled $268, which is where we stepped in to help by paying the entire fee.  SUCCESS!

transport puppies

HPAN Sponsors Two Transport Dogs

Angels for Anderson County Animals is actively working with rescues in northern states to agree to take animals from the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter.  Before the animals can be transported, they must be altered and vaccinated.  HPAN recently paid to have two dogs neutered/vaccinated (Icky and Nipper), and provided $50 for fuel costs.  We love assisting with these freedom rides!