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HPAN Pays Down Surgery Cost for Alex

The Animal Wellness Foundation requested funding assistance for Alex, a 5-6 year old black Lab mix, rescued from the Anderson County Shelter where he was taken after an apparent car injury. After a vet visit, x-rays showed a broken leg. The bill is around $900 at Pellissippi Vet. HPAN paid $300 on the bill.




The Secret City Animal Rescue (SCAR) has taken several hits lately with rescue cats that have had special needs – one being Alex, pictured. Alex was found with another cat dumped at a local store. She had a broken leg that required surgery. We were glad to help by contributing $300 on their vet bill.


HPAN Helps Alex See Better with $300

Alex has the worst case of entropion the Fighting For the Bullys Rescue’s vet has ever seen. It’s a disorder where the eyelashes grow inward and into the eyes. He has scheduled his surgery for December 10th for a cost of $375. We were glad to cover most of that for them.