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HPAN Helps Ramona with $235

Ramona came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter very pregnant.  She was immediately placed in foster care and gave birth to a litter of kittens.  During the birthing process, she was rushed to a clinic when her foster determined something was going wrong.  Ramona’s kittens all passed away.  Ramona had an emergency spay and subcutaneous fluids.  She is mostly recovered and is up for adoption locally.


SDL Capital Improvement Progress Update

One of our 2019 capital improvement grant awards went to Senior Dog Lodge and Animal Rescue. They were in desperate need for an outside water source, and if it could include hot water, then that would really help! They also needed funds for a bank of dog kennels for small dogs. We received a progress update from them showing part one of their improvement project completed! Let the warm water flow! More to come on the small dog kennels.

HPAN Sponsors Percy & Tink for $226

Percy and Tink were born of an HPAN-sponsored, pregnant, rescue dog taken in by A Chance for Champ. Now that her babies, Percy and Tink, are old enough for all of their vetting, we kicked in funds to get them all fixed up and ready for adoption!

HPAN Sponsors The Stray Connection’s Pop Squash for $300

Pop Squash was hit by a car. His left hip and right knee were fractured, so he had to have surgery on both legs. The veterinarian is very optimistic that he will make a full recovery and be able to walk. Pop Squash’s recovery will require six weeks cage rest. Then he will be up for adoption!

HPAN Sponsors Caleb and Ryder

Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue pulled Caleb from DeKalb County Georgia shelter. He had a melon sized tumor, which was removed. Caleb also has mast cell cancer, but he is in remission!! Fighting for the Bullys requested assistance with Caleb’s patella surgery.

Fighting for the Bullys also pulled Ryder out of the Clayton County Georgia shelter. During his vet visit, Ryder was found to have a decaying canine tooth. He also needed neutering. We helped cover Ryder’s neuter and tooth extraction.

In all, HPAN paid $557.85 to help these handsome boys!

Caleb Ryder

HPAN Sponsors Zorro

Almost Home Animal Rescue requested assistance with Zorro, a feral cat in need of vetting.  HPAN sponsored his vetting with $112.48.  Zorro is now living in a feral cat colony.

HPAN Helps Petunia with $300

Petunia was hit by a car and surrendered with a broken leg.  Spay It Forward East TN requested assistance with her leg amputation.  HPAN funded $300 towards this beautiful girl’s surgery!

HPAN Sponsors Blue for $300

Poor Blue was ran over by his owner and surrendered to Spay It Forward East TN.  Helping Paws Animal Network was happy to help with his broken front leg!  Blue will be in foster care until his leg heals.  A big Get Well Soon to this little guy!

HPAN Sponsors Surrendered Dogs for $249

Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue was contacted by Roane County Animal Shelter when an owner came in to surrender seven dogs!  Helping Paws Animal Network provided funds for all seven dogs in need of basic vetting! Basic vetting typically includes exams, rabies vaccinations, and heartworm tests.  Coco, Chaco, Dominic, Halo, Jacoby, Jeep, and Lincoln deserve a second chance, and we were happy to help them!

HPAN Sponsors Two Blind Kittens for $600

Bug and Kin are 3 month old kittens who are part of a litter of four taken to Young Williams Animal Center. This litter had a pretty rough bout of upper respiratory infection that caused eye irritation and infections so bad that their eyes were swelling from inside their head, causing pain and permanent blindness. YWAC reached out to us for the required eye removal surgeries. Luckily, these spunky kittens have not let that slow them down. Bug and his brother eat and play just fine and love to explore using all their other senses.