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HPAN Helps Little Ponderosa Zoo & Rescue with $500

Having lost all their supplies in the devastating fire that claimed much of the Little Ponderosa last year, they have been buying medicine supplies only as needed. They desperately need to restock their supply to have medicine on hand for daily needs. We helped them meet this need with a $500 grant.


HPAN Sponsors Four AHAR Dogs for $1020

Several dogs and cats have been rescued by Almost Home Animal Rescue. We sponsored required vetting for the following dogs:

  1. Reuben – a neglect case who needed just about everything, including heart worm treatment
  2. Boris – a little senior tossed out in a ditch with a leash and a water bowl
  3. Pickles – a big-eared little dude who was an owner surrender to a shelter
  4. Bandit – another neglect case with lots of needs.

All four of these dogs have now been all fixed and are on their way to being adopted into wonderful homes.

HPAN Pays $213 for Basic Vetting for Jay Perry

Hound dog, Jay Perry, was found wandering around Tractor Supply in Blount County. His owner was never found, but he found his way into Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue, who asked us to sponsor his vaccines, heartworm test, microchip, and neuter. They will make sure he find a wonderful home.

HPAN Sponsors Bullies, Holly and Christian, for $165

Holly and Christian were rescued by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue. Holly was a new mom with a litter of sick babies. Christian was pulled from a shelter. Both needed to be altered, chipped, and vaccinated. We sponsored the needed services.





HPAN Tries Helping Kenny with $300

Kenny was surrendered to the Roane County Animal Shelter. He had a prolapsed rectum and needed surgery to survive any longer. He was taken to the vet immediately under the Humane Society of Roane County. So many people and groups tried to help Kenny, but unfortunately, the surgery wasn’t successful and Kenny didn’t make it. We contributed $300 to the fee in order to give him a fighting chance.

HPAN Sponsors Birdie for $86.75

Birdie came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter with terrible digestive issues. Because everything was running through her, she was becoming severely dehydrated and had to see a vet. It was determined she had intestinal parasites. We sponsored her IV fluids and medication.  Now, Birdie is ready for adoption!

HPAN Sponsors Junior Samples with $192

Junior Samples found himself lost in Anderson County with a good Samaritan family who picked him up and tried to find his owner, but they had no luck. They were able to make contact with Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue who agreed to take him into their program. We sponsored his vaccines, heart worm test, microchip, and neuter.

HPAN Sponsors a Queen for $300

Queen was in foster care for a shelter in Georgia. The foster knew something wasn’t right with her, but she had been checked out and was told that Queen was fine. Turns out she was very pregnant and in labor. Queen started having puppies, and when one got stuck in the birth canal the foster had to act quick, so she called on someone she knew in Tennessee who ran a rescue. Michelle with A Chance for Champ made a quick trip to pick up Queen and get her to the vet in Tennessee. One puppy was stuck in the birth canal and did not make it, even at attempts to deliver her via a cesarean section. We were able to sponsor the vet bill, and thankfully mama and remaining puppies are doing OK.

HPAN Sponsors Miracle’s Medical Needs for $224

Little Miracle was eaten up with mange when the Roane County Animal Shelter contacted Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue for help. She was immediately taken to the vet and treatment began. Treating mange is a long process, but Miracle is fighting alongside her medicine. We paid her $224 bill.

HPAN Sponsors Maxwell Smart for $67

Maxwell Smart recently found himself in the middle of a divorce where neither party wanted him. Thankfully, Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue agreed to take him into their program. We lended a hand by paying for Max’s basic vetting.