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HPAN Helps Rescues for JoJo with Emmilou

Emmilou is an older girl who was found as a stray and came to Rescues for JoJo with severe ear infections that caused deafness. Her fur was extremely matted to her skin causing open infected wounds, and she had a large tumor on the side of her abdomen. She had surgery to have the mass removed and was spayed as well. They also treated her ear infection and treated her skin. The mass was benign, and Emmilou is now happy and healthy. We paid $300 on her bill.


HPAN Sponsors Three Almost Home Dogs for $900

Sometimes rescue groups need us for more than just basic vetting. That was the case recently for Almost Home Animal Rescue (AHAR). Over the last several months they’ve rescued some dogs that came with complicated issues and steep medical bills. Ali came to AHAR as a puppy from a backyard breeder. She was undernourished and sick. She was diagnosed with parvo and spent a week in the hospital and racked up a $1,200 bill. She’s now healthy, happy, and ready for adoption. Frederick came to AHAR as a stray. His initial vet visit revealed a urinary tract infection and leptovirus, and he has a pre-cancerous tumor. His bill was over $1,000. Then there was Sierra, who was surrendered after being neglected by her owner. She was found to have heartworms, leaving the rescue further in debt-over $1,300, in fact. Thankfully, Sierra is now heartworm-free and in her new home. HPAN contributed $300 per dog, so $900 in total to AHAR!

HPAN Sponsored Basic Vetting for Eight Dogs for $119.50

Pet Path took in two chihuahuas from an owner surrender situation. They had already been neutered, but needed updated vaccines. We sponsored their rabies shots and heartworm tests. They also took in four pups that were offered up for free on Facebook. They vaccinated them, and we sponsored their deworming. Other services will come when they’re a little older. Another advertised pup on Facebook they took in is Beacon. We sponsored his neuter and vaccines. Lastly, Rocky came to Pet Path from Memphis Animal Services. We sponsored his only needed service, a heartworm test. All of these are or will be available for adoption from Pet Path in Roane County.

HPAN Helps Buttercup with $300

Buttercup came to The Stray Connection from a shelter. She also brought six kittens with her. When they were weaned, her job was not done. Seven orphans came into the shelter, and they needed nourishment from a nursing cat, so Buttercup raised all of them, too! Unfortunately along the way, she got an eye infection that turned nasty. Her eye ruptured and could not be saved, requiring removal. We sponsored this needed surgery. Buttercup will be adopted to a loving indoor home as soon as she has fully recovered.

HPAN Purchases Two Kennels for Roane County Paws

When the operator/trainer/caretaker of Dogwood Dogcamp in Kingston, TN passed away unexpectedly, rescue stepped in to pull dogs that were left behind. Roane County Paws took seven dogs, but they had no place to house them. They reached out to us for help. We purchased two 10 x 10 kennels and tops for them for approximately $800.

HPAN Sponsors 50 Vaccines for Local Shelter

The Roane County Animal Shelter currently does not have enough money in their budget to cover vaccines needed for the number of animals coming in. They specifically need canine 5 in 1 vaccines and asked for our help. We sent $260 for the purchase of 50 vaccines.

HPAN Pays $195 toward Ms. Fancy Pants

Ms. Fancy Pants went to Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue after being rescued from a hoarding case in East Tennessee. She was undernourished and had not been cared for. She appeared to have mammary tumors, which necessitated a thorough exam. We sponsored her exam, spay surgery, vaccines, dewormer, and heartworm test. She is now living up to her name!

HPAN Sponsors Ellie with $300

Ellie was rescued by Smoky Mountain Animal Rescue of Tennessee (SMART) from a notorious location known for puppy mills and backyard breeders in Sweetwater. She had been dumped, and someone found her and dropped her off at the nearest vet’s office. It was obvious that Ellie had been used as a breeding dog before she found sanctuary at SMART. Lately, Ellie has been having problems with one of her back legs. Her doctor saw something concerning in her x-rays, so she was referred to a specialist at the Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Knoxville. Further diagnostics revealed that Ellie likely has bone cancer. HPAN covered Ellie’s consultation, exam, and x-rays. She will get a second opinion and hopefully be treated.

HPAN Sponsors Baby for $90.50

Baby is an 8-year old Chihuahua mix who was surrendered to Pet Path when her elderly owner could no longer care for her. We sponsored her complete vetting, so now she’s dewormed, free of parasites, spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and ready for a new mom!

HPAN Helps Donkeys with $600

The East TN Miniature Horse & Donkey Rescue took in two donkeys recently. BellAssondra was not healthy and unable to feed her baby, AlAsster. Both were taken directly to UT large animal hospital where AlAsster received plasma transfusions that he lacked from being unable to nurse. Both equines got whey the needed, and we chipped in $600 on the $1,300 bill.