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HPAN Helps Lady with $300

Lady was pulled from a shelter by A Chance for Champ. While on transport, she became distressed and regressed into a critical state. Emergency vet care revealed that her temperature was high and her oxygen was low. After some diagnostics, medicine, fluids, and observation, Lady is doing much better. We were happy to help with her care.


HPAN Helps These Get Well with $315

Spay It Forward took these four into rescue as strays or owner surrenders. After treating a myriad of issues from abdominal mass, respiratory infections, eye issues, etc. with our $315 sponsorship, Amelia, Dixie, Sasha, and Sickie are on their way to better health!

HPAN Pays $154.20 for 3 more Almost Home Cats

Sushi, Daffy, and Sylvester are three lucky kitties taken in by Almost Home Animal Rescue. We covered their basic vetting.

HPAN Helps Litter of Six with $420

Simba, Sara, Nala, Gypsy, Ben, and Sheba were surrendered to an animal shelter by their owner. A Chance for Champ was called with a request to pull them, and then we were contacted for sponsorship. With our $420, these babies got their vaccines, microchips, and spay/neuter surgeries. They will be ready for adoption soon!

HPAN Helps Bosco and Charlie with $556.88

Bosco and Charlie’s time was up at the Anderson County Animal Shelter. They were surrendered together by their family. Both beagles had skin infections, one had bad teeth, neither were up to date on any vaccines or prevention, and both had Ehrlichia and Lyme, which are tickborne diseases. Needless to say, a lot of vet care was needed to get these boys the life they deserved. We were happy to help the rescue group, Almost Home Animal Rescue, who pulled them into safety. These boys will be in a better home soon!

HPAN Helps Save Petunia with $300

Petunia is one of two kittens dropped off at a dog rescue in a rural Tennessee county that has no shelter. She had a prolapsed rectum and required surgery. Thankfully, The Stray Connection (TSC) stepped up to help and took her straight to the vet for surgery. Petunia has since had two failed surgeries, so TSC asked us to help them with one last ditch effort. We think Petunia is worth it!

HPAN Sponsors Shaggy & Lucy with $600

Shaggy and Lucy were surrendered to Roane County Paws by their owner because they could not take care of them. Both dogs were diagnosed with heartworms and needed life-saving treatment, which we sponsored for $600. Both dogs will be adopted into families who can love and care for them.

HPAN Sponsors 4 SDL Dogs

Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue (SDL) took in Sophie, Mya, Oliver, and Olivia after it had been confirmed that they were abandoned in Morgan County. Their owner had the gall to move and leave all of them, plus puppies belonging to one of them. Unsurprisingly, some of the dogs had parasitic disease. We sponsored antibiotics and vaccines for these beautiful animals.

HPAN Helps a Slew of Cats for $722.23

Almost Home Animal Rescue has really been instrumental in local kitten rescue lately! All 17 of these were either pulled out of shelters, off the streets, or taken in by families who no longer wanted them. Our sponsorship paid for their basic vetting, which covers vaccines, spay/neuter, and any medication needed.

HPAN Helps Senior Dog Lodge with $300 for Mila

Mila was a small town dog who was hit by a car and left for dead. Someone saw her on the side of the road and reached out to Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue who took her in. They asked us to sponsor surgery needed for her broken leg. We kicked in $300 toward the surgery, which was well over $800.