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Three Dogs Get Sponsored BCAWS They Deserve It!

Frosty, Brownie, and Callie were living in despicable conditions and not receiving the care they needed. The Blount County Animal Welfare Society (BCAWS) convinced owners to surrender the dogs to rescue so they can have the lives they deserve. We spent $846.50 to get the dogs examined, tested, vaccinated, dewormed, and boarded until their transport north. Onward and upward to better lives!

HPAN Sponsors Mya’s Heartworm Treatments

Senior Dog Lodge took in Mya along with three other dogs who were abandoned in Morgan County. In August, we sponsored Mya’s antibiotics and vaccines. This month, we sponsored her heartworm treatments.

Please don’t forget to give your pets their heartworm prevention!

HPAN Sponsors Mini Rescue with $539

Little Debbie and Titan came from families who could not afford their healthcare requirements. The East Tennessee Miniature Horse & Donkey Rescue took them into their program and addressed their medical needs, which were quite expensive. We were able to help them!

HPAN Sponsors 10 Animals for $616

Almost Home Animal Rescue took in these babies, either from local shelters, or from surrendering owners. We had the opportunity to sponsor their current vet needs.

HPAN Sponsors Kiara’s Heartworm Treatments for $300

Kiara was pulled from a shelter, pregnant and heartworm-positive, by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue. She had her babies with no issue, and now it’s time to get this momma well. We were happy to pay for the majority of her heartworm treatment. Prevention is so much easier!

HPAN Pays $300 of Marley’s Vet Bill

Marley was pulled from Roane County Animal Shelter by Halos Second Chance after he was surrendered by his owner. Marley had glaucoma in both eyes and was completely blind. Both of his eyes had to be removed. He is also heartworm positive. As expected, his vet bill is steep. We contributed $300 to cover his eye surgery, neuter, medication, and some of his heartworm treatment.

HPAN Helps Bugsy with $175

Bugsy was pulled from Roane County Animal Shelter by Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue. The vet noticed he was dragging his back legs. He was found to have a herniated disk in his back. He remained at the vet and had laser therapy and physical therapy as well as his vaccinations. He did regain some use of his back legs, but does use a wheelchair to get around. We were honored to sponsor Bugsy’s vet care.

HPAN Sends $263 for Miss Hardee

Miss Hardee has been hanging out at the Wartburg Hardee’s for years, taking handouts from anyone who would be gracious enough to feed her. She was recently captured by the Senior Dog Lodge when someone reported that she had an injury. Turns out she had a wounded foot that had become infected. She needed bloodwork, antibiotics, x-rays, and medication. We were able to sponsor all of these needs. Unfortunately, she has also tested positive for heartworms, but at least she can get treated and live in sanctuary for the rest of her days.

HPAN Invests $254 in Smokey and Bandit

This bonded pair was brought in to the Campbell County animal shelter as strays. They both tested for heartworms. We were happy to sponsor their treatment!


HPAN Sends $350 to Spay It Forward TN

Five kittens were trapped from a local feral cat colony by Spay It Forward Tennessee and taken to the vet for exams/testing and spay/neuter, sponsored by us! They are now available for adoption and will never have to worry about survival again!