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HPAN Pays $620 for Puppy Vetting

These puppies are part of a litter of 14 – a direct result of irresponsible pet ownership. Pet Path rescued half of them, and we sponsored their basic vetting, which included vaccines and spay/neuter for $620 at a low-cost clinic.



HPAN Helps yet another Heartworm-Positive Dog with $300

Ivy’s owners left her after their house burned. She was literally with nobody to take care of her. To the rescue was the Humane Society of Roane County! They have taken Ivy to the vet for a thorough check-up, which revealed heartworms, a parasite caused by mosquito bites. We sponsored Ivy’s treatments, and we are glad her future is brighter than her past.

HPAN Sponsors Heartworm Treatment for Two Rescue Dogs with $600

Mya was captured by the city of Rockwood Animal Control and taken in by Roane County Paws, as was Gracie, who was surrendered by her owner due to his illness. Both of these beautiful dogs have not been protected against heartworms, so their hearts are riddled with them. Treatment will be long and painful, but they deserve a chance to live. We are helping the rescue group with these large bills that could have been easily avoided with a monthly dose of heartworm prevention.

HPAN Sponsors Four Surrendered Dogs with $300

Ross, Roy, and Bullet have lived their entire lives (seven years) in crates with someone who wasn’t able to care for them. Payton’s life wasn’t much better. He was outside, unvaccinated, and had fur matted to his skin. Good for all four, their owners surrendered them to the Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue where they will be cared for. We had the privilege of sponsoring all the dogs’ neuters, vaccines, and heartworm testing for $300.

2018 Capital Grant Comes to Fruition

One of our capital improvement grants last year was awarded to the Friends of Campbell County Animal Shelter. We sent them funds for a surgery table and 100 spay/neuter kits. Their in-house spay/neuter clinic is now up and running! They now have better capacity to ensure shelter animals are altered prior to adoption.

HPAN Sponsors Kittens with $184

Senior Dog Lodge has been flooded with kittens. They reached out to us for assistance. We were able to sponsor nine kittens with initial vetting. This will put these babies on a path to wellness and eventual adoption.

HPAN Helps Pugsley with $300

Pugsley needed medical attention her family could not afford, so they surrendered her to Senior Dog Lodge. We were able to sponsor her tumor removal, and she will be adopted locally or sent north to a wonderful rescue and be adopted from there. Either way, Pugsley’s future looks bright!

$134 for SDL Cats

It is unfortunately kitten season, and rescue groups are being flooded with litters upon litters. Senior Dog Lodge and Animal Rescue is no exception, although they mostly take in dogs. Out of the goodness of their hearts, they pulled in a couple of mama cats with their kittens. We were able to sponsor needed antibiotics, exams, and eye ointment for two sickly adult cats. Once they are well, they will be spayed.

$232 for FCCA’s Whiskey

Whiskey came to the Campbell County Animal Shelter with a high load of heartworms. Plus, he hadn’t been neutered. The shelter group reached out to us for help, and we were able to sponsor his surgery and treatment. Recovery will be long and difficult, but he is expected to make it.

Capital Improvement Grant Update

Earlier this year, we awarded four capital improvement grants. One was to A Chance for Champ. We awarded them $3K to set up intake kennels and an AC unit for their shelter. They sent us pictures recently to show the progress on their project.